80s pop music

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Let’s go back, way back to a different time in the popular genre, listen to some 80s pop music and revisit the culture.

What do you recall about pop music of the 1980s?

Do the names George Michael, Madonna, Bon Jovi and the legendary Michael Jackson ring a bell?

Well, these are just some of the names that reverberated in the music scene of 80s and early nineties. If you are my age you most likely can sing a couple of them still.

80s Pop Music – A culture long gone but 1980s popular music is still alive

The 1980s popular music scene was a revolutionary step to the popularity of present-day music and its pioneers deserve all the credit.

A new wave introduced and made such genres as punk rock, rap and the MTV show popular and more commercialized.

End of Viet Nam Rock – Beginning of 80s Pop Music

As much as it was an end to old 60s and 70s music styles, it was also the beginning of something big.

The popularity of music videos with MTV wave kicking in meant that artists now replaced their guitar-based music with visual displays. As a result, much of the music began to show serious shelf life.

A new wave of artists came on the scene and the entire industry gained momentum.

The most notable 80s pop music video is unmistakably Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’.

Introduced in 1982, few people can forget the video. This is true not only because of its never-before-seen graphics, but also due to the popularity and the publicity it received. This was all made possible by MTV.

Think too of how this musical genre changed the lives of people who grew and became teenagers in the 1980 decade.

Ask a youth today to tell you the names of the ‘New Kids On The Block’ and they will start spouting off the neighborhood kids who just moved in.

Better yet, ask them if they know what Bananarama is and they will probably tell you it is an ice cream flavor. These are not the answers you might have heard in the 80s.

Despite the fact that today’s youth does not recognize how cool 80s pop music was, most people will always remember it for what it was. These are precious memories they will always cherish.

Who Were the 80s Pop Music Stars?

Some of the 80s popular music legends include Madonna who embodied audacity and confidence. U2 continued to evolve and maintain their attitude.

Then there’s AeroSmith, and of course the King of Pop Michael Jackson. Let us not forget Prince, Tina Turner, Phil Collins and from Motown Lionel Ritchie.

Some of these musicians played music that has stood the test of time and still rule the airwaves.

Undoubtedly, the 80s pop music scene will live on in the form of cds, videos and now streaming downloads for many more years to come. Don’t you agree?

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