acoustic electric guitarsAs you probably know, I love playing the flat top six string but sometimes I need my music amplified for larger areas. That’s when acoustic electric guitars really shine!

Acoustic electric guitars are not much different from your normal acoustic guitar.

The main difference is the addition of a pickup. In an acoustic guitar, there is no built-in pickup.

If you want to amplify the signal, you need to either stick a pick up under the bridge, or sit close to the microphone.

Get That Extra From Acoustic Electric Guitars When You Need It

With an acoustic electric guitar, however, the pickup is built right into the guitar body. This has obvious advantages.

It makes it easier to amplify signals since you can just plug in to a guitar cable. It also means that you have less gear to carry around. You don’t have to keep an extra pick up on hand for playing a gig.

Play The Acoustic Electric Guitar With The Pickup Or By The Mike – The Choice Is Yours

There are some people who do not like using the amplifiers built into acoustic electric guitars.

They would rather sit near to a microphone and pick up the guitar that way. This gives a dryer, sparser sort of sounds more suitable to rhythmic playing. But I’ve always liked acoustic electric guitars even when I want to amplify with a normal microphone.

The reason is, having an acoustic pickup built in doesn’t stop you from using other means to pick up the sound.

You can still use a normal mic to record the sound of your guitar. You simply have the option of adding the on board guitar pickup.

Get Variable Sounds From The Acoustic Electric Guitar

This is also nice if you like to experiment with sounds. A lot of people I know who play acoustic electric guitars like to mix sounds from different sources. You can use a bridge pickup and mix it with a microphone pickup, for example.

Some guitarists even take it a step further, adding contact mics on to the guitar body at various points. Depending where you pick up a signal, you will get all sorts of sounds from the guitar.

This allows you to tweak your sound, getting just the right signal for whatever project you are working on. It also gives your sound mixer more options when you are playing a live show and trying to compensate for whatever peculiarities the club has in its acoustic performance.

Types Of Guitar Amps

When it comes to changing your acoustic guitar to electric, you’ll find many options. There are full sized electric guitar amps, and then there are the practice size. These vary greatly in sound and capability, but you often want to start out with the practice amp.

This is about a foot to a foot and a half square, and has very few options on it. However, this is perfect when someone starts out with the electric guitar.

These electric guitar amps are far less expensive than the larger ones you would need for performance, but they do what they need to do and they can do it well. Most keep one later on for home use.

Buying Larger Electric Guitar Amps

When it comes time to buy the larger and performance based electric guitar amps, you have to take some more time to see what you want to get. There are some types of amps that are better than others, and there are some brands that people prefer.

Each of the different brands of electric guitar amps have their own unique sound. Some work better with different types of music.

Other times, people just have a preference for a sound no matter what type of music they play. So, you have to make the final decision about the type amplifier and your current needs.

Is Your Favorite Acoustic Guitar Available As An Electric?

Only one drawback; sometimes you run into problems of availability. Some high-quality models simply aren’t available as acoustic electric guitars. Fortunately, portable pickups have gotten so good at this doesn’t have to be a big obstacle.

Changing Accoustic To Electric By Installing Portable Pickups

You can simply stick a pick up under the bridge and mix in the signal as if you were using a factory unit.

Of course, you won’t have an on board mixer like acoustic electric guitars do, but you can always add a mixer into your signal line. It may be a little bit less convenient, but you can still get the sound you like.

Where to Shop for Your New Guitar

You can get them anywhere, I am told, and many bands us acoustic electric guitars when they want to do mellow songs, or perhaps they just want the sound of an acoustic.

They look just like a regular acoustic guitar, some of the most popular being Ovation or its sister, Applause.

They have an electrical power source so the guitar can be played through an amplifier rather than having to rely on the sound carrying through the air.

At one time the solid body ruled but now musicians are rediscovering the mellow sound of acoustic electric guitars. You just can’t play the strings of a substitute and get the same feel.

Playing the Acoustic Blues – A Woman Shares a Shameful “Secret”

What is it? For the longest time I had no idea what acoustic electric guitars were, and this is surprising to a lot of people I know because I am married to a guitar player.

I know about electric guitars because there are ten different ones in my home, and I certainly have known about acoustic guitars because I have been around them my whole life.

I owned one of my own before I ever met my husband. I had no idea that there was a combination out there, and this lead to a confusing moment in my life that I look back on now with laughter.

A few years ago my husband was in two bands, and one of those bands played blues and country music. He wasn’t big on the country component, but he loved the blues music. They had two acoustic electric guitars, and they had worked them into the shows.

I had not seen them play in a while, so I had no idea what was going on.

One of his band members called and asked me to remind my husband to bring both of the acoustic electric guitars up from the rehearsal space to the gig that night.

For about ten minutes we had an argument on the phone that must have been comical to anyone else who was within earshot.

I didn’t know what an acoustic electric guitar was, and I thought he was making it up. I said he would bring both kinds, and this confused his band mate even more.

After much conversation he finally realized why I was so confused, and he still picks on me about it today. I hadn’t even crossed his mind that I didn’t know what acoustic electric guitars might be. I knew of acoustic and electric, but had no idea there was an in-between.

Perhaps I had seen these electric acoustic guitars before but I didn’t know what I was looking at. I’m sure I am not the only person to ever make this mistake, though I may be the only one who is married to a guitarist that didn’t know they existed.

My shame is endless. Anyhow, I know now and can talk intelligently again about music.

So, if you are into flat tops, but need a boost in sound, you’ll love the versatility of carrying your acoustic electric guitar to your next show. With acoustic electric guitars, you get the sound you need. You can give your audience the volume they want. Now, go play something!

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