How to Care for Acoustic Guitars

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Now that you’ve purchased your flat top instrument you’ll want to read this report about how to care for acoustic guitars.

These guitar tips will enlighten you and help your six string to last for years to come.

Taking good care of your acoustic guitar will ensure that it has a long playing life and will help keep the quality sound of your guitar for many years.

How to Care for Acoustic Guitars – Acoustic Guitar Care and Treatment

Caring for your musical instrument is very important, but also very simple. Here are some basic tips for flat top guitar care.

Buy the Right Guitar Accessories to Care for Your Acoustic

Buying the appropriate accessories is a must in keeping your acoustic guitar in good shape. A properly fitted guitar case can be your best friend when it comes to care. When placed in the case, it will be protected from being scratched, stepped on or kicked when not in use.

A case is also great for carrying the guitar when traveling from gig to gig, because using an enclosed guitar case slowly introduces the instrument to the extreme change in temperature. You’ll need this protection when going from an air conditioned room to the outdoors in the summertime.

Other Guitar Accessories

Invest in a guitar strap that fits snugly without risk of breaking or coming lose while playing.

Find an acoustic guitar stand that’s the proper size of your guitar and very sturdy, especially If you play often. This is extremely important because the guitar can become permanently damaged from one accidental fall.

Storage Tips for Your Acoustic Guitar

When not using your guitar, store it in a safe area at room temperature. Use a humidifier in the room if you live in a very hot, dry climate.

Never expose the guitar to very high humidity if possible, but some humidity is better than none at all. It’s great if you can store it in a room where the humidity is stabilized.

Things to Avoid in Caring for an Acoustic Guitar

Avoid extreme heat and sunlight because the wood can become cracked, warped, or brittle when exposed to these elements for very long.

When this happens, the bridge may separate from the body and the acoustic guitar will be completely useless. High heat can also cause the glue to loosen.

A guitar can topple easily because of its shape, so never lean it against a wall, even if its in the case. Also, never store your guitar by hanging it on a wall or by leaving it lying around on furniture.

Cleaning Your Acoustic Guitar

Regular cleaning of your acoustic guitar is very crucial. After every use, wipe down the body and neck to keep the wood looking shiny and new.

Drink spills should be cleaned and dried. Use a soft cloth for wiping the strings often to keep oils from your fingertips accumulating on the strings. Wiping the strings can also extend their use.

Stringed Instrument Maintenance

There are also guitar maintenance kits to assist with cleaning. You can polish your guitar’s wood areas with solutions such as Martin Guitar Polish. Avoid the polishes made of heavy paste wax though because they can cause wax buildup.

*Helpful Hint: Wash your hands thoroughly before playing to reduce the amount of oil and dirt.

Handling Your Acoustic Guitar

Always hold your guitar by the neck when carrying it or getting ready to play. Handle it with care and always look before making sudden turns when holding a guitar in the playing position.

Remember, the long neck is sticking out! If you squeeze the body or top area, this can damage the soundboard bracing.

Take Care of Your Guitar and It will Take Care of You

Most acoustic guitars require minimal maintenance, but these small tasks can add many years to your favorite instrument! These are delicate musical instruments so treat them accordingly.

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