How to Choose a Voice Teacher

Choosing a vocal instructor does not have to be rocket science. Obtaining singing success certainly involves having natural talent, but vocals can be improved with the help of a knowledgeable voice teacher and a bit of practice on your part.

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If you feel you have that special talent you want to develop, getting qualified instruction could be a first step toward learning to sing. Do some research and find the right instructor for you.

Even if you have an exceptionally good voice, you might be surprised at how professional voice training can bring out the very best in your singing.

Unfortunately, choosing the right voice teacher isn’t always easy. Use these tips to find the right singing teacher for you.

Voice Training Qualifications

  • Before choosing a voice teacher, ask about their qualifications.
  • Have they been through training?
  • What type training did they have?

Though not required, a voice instructor with qualifications or at least many years of experience to match will likely know more about how the voice works.

It will also help you reach your potential than an amateur. You certainly don’t want to learn to sing the wrong way!

How do they perform?

Ask the voice teacher to sing a few songs for you.

Listen carefully to their performance to determine their singing strengths and weaknesses. See if their strengths are your weaknesses.

Perhaps they’ll have the answer you’ve been looking for to improve in that particular area.

Understand their Vocal Teaching Methodschoose voice teachers

Ask the voice trainer to explain their method or style of teaching. Is this the style that you feel will help you learn to sing better?

Some teachers will be more “by the book” when teaching while others will “go with the flow” with more laid-back teaching methods.

Also, voice trainers tend to lean toward teaching methods related to their favorite kind of music, whether it is classical, gospel, rock, country, or pop music.

During your conversation be sure and ask if you can sometimes choose to train with songs that you enjoy singing. If you never enjoy learning, this could hinder your voice training.

Compare Prices and Schedules

Price shouldn’t be your only determining factor when choosing a voice teacher, but you should choose a teacher you can afford for the long run.

Ask about their teaching schedules and determine if it will work with your schedule.

There is nothing worse than signing on for music lessons and then having to ask off work or go during your dinner time.

This set up could determine whether or not you’ll stick with the training. It’s not going to work unless you go on a regular basis!

After comparing all these, be sure the teacher is someone you will enjoy training under.

You can have everything right, but a personality clash can hinder your learning.

Lastly, how does the vocal instructor feel about music in general. Is he or she just there because it’s a job and they are only doing this for the money?

Nothing wrong with your mentor getting paid for his or her talent and experience.

how to find a voice teacherUltimately, you’ll want to find how to choose a voice teacher who loves songs, loves to teach music, and sincerely wants to help your singing voice reach its full potential.

After all, isn’t that why you’re going in the first place? If you are more in tune to learning on your own, check out the Singing Success reviews..

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