Christmas musicFa La La La La! Ah, Christmas music for the soul!

Even the stores play these tunes to get shoppers in a good mood (maybe to spend more?).

Either way, remember to get out the cd player, the iPod or however you want to listen to your holiday songs and become a bit more joyful!

After all, you don’t want to be an old Scrooge, do you?

Christmas Music for the Soul

The season is upon us and all ears turn to listening for Santa Claus. But, they are also in tune to listen to the new and old Christmas songs to get them into the holiday mood. Have a joyous occasion this season.

Memory is closely tied to songs. For many people, some of the most powerful and inspirational feelings come from warm memory of the holiday season.

Christmas music is a valuable part of this well-loved time of year. Christmas food and holiday songs are endearing and they evoke many emotions and fond memories.

Share your holiday songs

One point to think about is to keep the valued tradition of sharing all your collection of Christmas music during your parties and family celebrations. This seems to be a dying practice among many families.

Last year, we visited my sister-in-law’s home for the holidays. She had all of the elements of a great celebration but no Christmas music.

While the evergreen tree was decorated to the finest detail and the lights were sparkling with charm, the absence of Christmas music was quite pronounced.

She had made several of our favorite holiday dishes and the gathering was nearly perfect but there was definitely something missing.

No Christmas tunes and no party

At first, my husband and I didn’t realize why the party fell flat. There was good company and good food. The decorations were lovely and everyone enjoyed sharing stories while watching the kids open their presents. However, we left with an empty feeling that couldn’t be explained.

To each his or her own

The guests wandered around most of the evening. The kids mostly played video games and some attendants watched television.

The occasional conversation was interrupted with commercials and some channel surfing. We hadn’t realized that the absence of Christmas music was a factor in these distractions.

We thought that the new tradition of going to my sister-in-law’s home for the holidays was the reason that we were feeling a little deflated.

After all, we had gone to his parents’ home for years and years. But his parents were in attendance and they seemed a little let down, too.

No one could put a finger on why there was the odd feeling that something very important was missing.

You’ve got to put on the holiday music for occasion joy!

It wasn’t until I visited another holiday affair that I realized what the significant difference between the events really was.

There was no Christmas music. The fact of the missing tunes of the holidays may not seem like a big deal but it makes a huge difference.

The other celebration was warm and inviting and these delightful songs helped create an atmosphere to entice you to stay forever.

Dust off the phonograph for Christmas

Getting ready for a holiday party can be time consuming and sometimes even stressful but take time to get out that stack of cd’s you have in the closet.

Okay, I’m technologically challenged! Play your Holiday music on whichever format you like – but play it!

Remember, people can watch TV or play video games all year so hide the remote and the Playstation® . Get everyone in the holiday spirit with some old fashioned Christmas music. Your guests might even begin to sing along!

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