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Rock & roll is fine in some cases and so is country music, or even bluegrass. But, when you are ready to relax and settle in there is nothing like the music of a classical guitar to soothe your nerves.

Classical guitar music, with its history dating back to the 16th century, was at one time considered suitable only for bar rooms and pubs.

But, now the classical guitar is as well respected in concert halls all over the world as the piano, thanks to Andres Segovia.

The popularity of the classical guitar has been sustained over the years by many great players, arrangers, and composers such as Gaspar Sanz, Fernando Sor, Mauro Giuliani, Francisco Tárrega, Andrés Segovia and John Williams.

Give It Your Best Shot – Get Your Feet Wet in Classical Guitar Music

Now that you know a little about the history of classical guitar music, perhaps you would like to learn to play this amazing instrument.

Even though this type of music has quite a history and can appear intimidating, this doesn’t mean you can’t learn classical guitar music at your own pace and enjoy the challenge.

Finding Classical Guitar Music Online

Classical guitar music can be located quite easily by surfing the net because there are many websites devoted to it.

It can be challenging reading any kind of classical music.

Unlike regular sheet music, there are a lot of special notations and marks around the notes that could seem confusing.

Some free websites will actually list what all these notes and symbols mean and how to play them on your instrument.

Finding Free Classical Guitar Music

Since this type of music has been around for multiple generations, you can probably find a lot of classical guitar music for free.

After a certain number of years have passed from the original composer’s death, music becomes public domain and is no longer protected by copyright.

While many companies will still try and charge you for complicated pieces, keep searching and you find your favorite classical guitar music theme for quick print or download.

Along with sheet music there are also MP3’s and Midi files available to listen to so you can get the feel of the music as well as the notes.

NOTE: Always know who you are dealing with when it comes to downloading music files. The final user is you so make sure your download is clean and legal before you click the mouse.

Online Classical Music Instruction Guides

Remember to check out the online instructional guides on how to play classical guitar music, companies advertising free classical guitars, and in-depth courses on how to play like a professional in just one hour.

Some vendors charge for course materials, whereas others offer limited information for free on their website. Some free websites even offer short classes on how to correct your posture, the proper playing position and how to get started.

How to Play Classical Guitar?

Learning any instrument regardless of what it is has mainly to do with good practice. If you’re looking for a new hobby or even a new profession, consider playing classical guitar.

You have plenty of help available online and it might not even cost you a dime to get started. Besides buying a classical guitar, that is! Enjoy this amazing and rewarding musical experience!

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