dare to singSinging in the shower is one thing, but learning to sing in concert with a group or as a soloist is another.

If you’ve always dreamed of becoming a singer, you don’t have to be a “natural born” vocalist to accomplish your goal. A “natural born singer” is about the same as saying there is a “natural born surgeon.”

Both you as a singer, as with the surgeon, only need the desire and dedication to learn. But, do you have what it takes to be a singer?

Do You have what it Takes to learn to sing? Amazing Singers and Voice Training

Have you ever wondered how a professional vocalist can sing high or low, loudly or softly, and never appear to be straining?

Nine times out of ten, they weren’t born knowing how to do this. They trained their voice until they were able to reach their maximum vocal potential.

Whether it was through a personal voice trainer, a singing manual or an online singing course, somehow they graduated from simply singing around the house to training their voice for optimal performance.

Your Voice, Your Instrument

When singing, your voice is considered to be the instrument. An instrument is something a person plays skillfully to create beautiful sounds.

The voice, as an instrument, functions in a similar way. You can learn new notes or sounds and train your voice to reach those sounds through practice.

Reaching high musical notes naturally is called speech level singing. It’s similar to practicing with a guitar or piano, except all you’ll need is your vocal cords.

Your voice is the most affordable instrument you’ll ever play!

Discover Your Voice’s True Sound

Your voice is unique in that it makes a distinct sound when talking or singing. Even if you feel that your singing voice is terrible, singing lessons will reveal the type of singing you were meant to accomplish.

Some voices are high, some are low. Some people can sing on-key every time. Others must train their ear as well as their voice to learn how to hit certain notes.

The question you should ask is;

“Am I willing to learn how to use my voice?

Singing lessons might reveal that you are an alto, when you were trying to sing soprano all along!

Once your voice finds its place on the musical scale, you can blend beautifully with others or sing solo songs that were meant only for your unique voice.

Do You Dare to Become a Singer?

If you are willing to do the following, then you probably do have what it takes to be a singer.

1) Begin voice training with either a personal voice instructor or take online singing lessons.

2) Follow the lessons closely, and don’t be afraid to step out on a limb to take your voice to new heights.

3) Do necessary voice exercises to keep your vocal cords healthy.

4) Eat and drink foods or liquids that are going to benefit your singing ability, not hinder it.

5) Most of all – practice, practice, practice!

More Singing Tips

Before enrolling in singing lessons, write down some goals for what you would like to accomplish with your singing.

Will you sing in a church choir or as a soloist? Do you desire to sing as a performer in the music industry?

Whatever your goal, write it down and hang it somewhere to motivate you as you train your voice.

how to sing betterAlso, keep a high quality tape or CD recorder to record your singing as you progress. Make a recording of yourself now, and then once every few lessons to see how your voice improves with the lessons.

You’ll be amazed at the difference – even if you were a fairly good singer before.

Shoot for the stars with your singing. You’ll be using your voice as a musical instrument in no time! Don’t be shy. Learn how to start your singing adventure.

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