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Don't Stop Believing – Journey – Cover – Sara Loera – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

Sara and I thought it would be fun to take on another classic track from the mega band Journey.

Obviously Steve Perry set the bar high for all of the songs he did in Journey, so we decided to throw our hat in the ring with Don’t Stop Believing.

While we don’t claim to be as awesome as Steve, we wanted to display yet another color and flavor to Sara’s arsenal for singing.

From Stevie Nicks, to Evanescence, to Michael Jackson, and even Sia, we wanted to showcase the diversity of songs Sara was able to do, using the Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy technique.

I think it’s also very important to note that Sara has been singing professionally for many years doing KTVA.

She is a prominent vocalist for a very prestigious restaurant chain (Mastros) and sings a wide variety of music.

So it’s one thing to be able to “make it through a song,” and quite another to take on epic pieces like this for hours on end, night after night, year after year, while maintaining good vocal health and stamina.

I am proud of you, Sara, for your amazing tenacity and work ethic in growing your awesome talent!

Much Love,


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Steve Perry and Journey blazed a trail of 80's Rock with great hits like Don't Stop Believing in their glory days. This cover is meant to show you how you don't have to be Steve Perry to sing a Journey song and still do it justice. Vocal lessons from Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy will teach you how to use your voice to be able to sing things you never thought would be possible with your voice.

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