tips for singing warm upEveryone is so impatient today. Especially if you are geared toward developing your vocal talent.

These tips for singing warm up cover what you should do before singing in any performance.

It doesn’t matter if you are just having fun with karaoke, entering a serious junior audition, or doing a song in a local contest.

You’ll still want your voice warmed up for maximum performance.

Tips for Singing Warm Up Before You Perform Be Sure and Warmup Your Singing Voice

Vocal health is the key to keeping your talent vibrant.  When learning to sing, students are most often eager and this can lead to overworking the voice which can cause more harm than good.

Learning how to warm up for singing is a lesson that vocalists will carry with them throughout their careers.

Before Warming Up Check Your Posture and Breathing

We all know that good posture and correct breathing techniques are important, but teaching a student to be gentle with the voice during warm ups is vital.

There should be a direct consciousness of how your students are breathing.  For effective vocal production that is safe and healthy, deep breathing will be necessary.

In order for this to happen, posture must be correct.  To teach the students proper breathing you may have them hold their hands on their diaphragms so that they can feel how it should expand out as they take deep breaths.

The Singing Warm Up Techniques

To help them warm up their vocals, have them massage their faces, lips and neck to relieve any tension they may be carrying.

You can then begin with humming very gently throughout their range.

Once they have done this and you feel they are ready, have them add open vowel sounds and repeat the scales within their range.

Be sure to watch their breathing throughout this process. If their abdominal muscles are not expanding, they need to correct posture.

A few other reminders for you and your students can improve vocal health for everyone.  Be sure to consume sufficient liquids to keep the vocal folds well lubricated.

Try to keep caffeine to a minimum as this can cause drying in the throat which will produce a scratchy singing voice.

Anything that dehydrates the body should be limited.  If someone is working through a cold, inhale steam from a bowl while the head is covered with a towel.

You can do this several times a day, just do not go over 10 minutes at any one time.  And do not allow yourself or your students to push vocals from the throat.

vocal warm up tipsGood vocal health and warm ups will ensure a better vocal performance.

And as a teacher, you can only help your students learn how to warm up for singing if your voice is in good working order.  Don’t strain your voice throughout the day and then expect a good classroom experience.

I hope these tips for singing warm up help you to be a better singer. If you still need help, check out Singorama. It covers much more and will teach you to sing like the pros. See details here..

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