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Sing FREDDIE MERCURY Medley – Learn To Sing In Freddie's Style And Range – Lessons From Ken Tamplin

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Ken had pnuemonia when he recorded this demo, but he's not one to cancel shows or recording dates. You can hear the congestion in his voice when he speaks, but that didn't stop him from recording anyway.

Ken Tamplin Demonstrates How To Sing Like Freddy Mercury – Queen
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Ken Tamplin
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I get so many requests from people saying I want to sing like Freddie Mercury. How did Freddie Mercury sing, you know, and, and, and…
First of all Freddie Mercury, I don't think even ever had ever had a single vocal lesson as far as I know. Now I know he studied in a lot of music schools early on for piano, and actually art, believe it or not. But you're talking about a guy who was actually born, I think, in Tanzania. He was of Asian descent or Indian descent, I should say and grew up in India, you know, grew up in Tanzania. He didn't actually make it to England until eight, nine, ten, or something like that when some big war in Tanzania took place.
I have it here: "He was a British musician, singer, songwriter best known as the lead vocalist for the rock band Queen. Now, I think even Freddie would think of himself as more of a musician or a composer or someone that was into musicals, in fact I don't think it's coincidence that the second album was named "a night at the Opera."
So you have a guy who is a composer, a musician and does things in a very orchestral kind of way. And I say that, too, because he even admitted at one point that he could barely read music, so how interesting that he went to all of these music schools and yet the thing he found most important was truly having a passion. And I think a lot of us want the quick and easy road out. You know, Freddie had a tough life, and he worked really hard, and you can even hear it from the singing, you know "I work hard every day of my life, I work till I ache, my bones, at the end of the day I take home my hard earned pay all on my own. I get down on my knees and I start to pray, till the tears run down from my eyes. Lord, find me somebody to love."
So you see this expression of overcoming and working hard, and frustration and anguish and joy. You know "We Are The Champions", "We Will Rock You". You know, these anthemic things, and yet at the same time he can come and he can take this natural God-given, four octave range, and then he can sing like kind of an Elvis-ish sort of song we just heard, which is "Find Me Somebody To Love", and also "Crazy Little Thing Called Love."
So anyway, you take "Crazy Little Thing Called Love," and he was into Cliff Richards, he was into Little Richard, you know some of these old-school guys. But anyway, I also wanted to point out a couple of things here, again. He says "His childhood in India he began taking piano lessons at the age of seven. In 1954 at the age of eight, Mercury was also sent to study at St. Peter's school, a British style boarding school for boys. So the guy got stuck in a boarding school, right? When he finally meets… He goes through several bands, too, I want to add. I think he went through maybe seven or eight bands before he actually landed Queen. At an early, early age, I hear so many people complaining about two or three bands that they've gone through, you know, right? So he goes through band, after band, after band, and ironically, when he finally lands, you know, the few players that we see in Queen… Guess what? Brian May contracts hepatitis, and I think he's out of the band for the first year or so. My all – time favorite guitar player almost didn't make the band, right? But then, as fate would have it, you know, later this all came together, and again, we know them as Queen. But I also want to emphasize one thing. He got nodes towards about the middle or three quarters of the way into his career, and he went from being able to sing F6, you know, way above high C, all the way down to around a B or an A, because he developed nodules on his cords, and he refused to get surgeries. So, we see, you know, that it would have been cool had he taken some lessons, and had he done some things the right way, you know we might have had a much better performance towards the end of his life as we saw at the beginning of his life.

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