How to Get Noticed as a Singer

get noticed as a singer

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So you want to be a famous singer. But, how do you get noticed? You’ve worked hard to train your voice and prepare your mind and attitude for performance.

Maybe you’ve even performed at a few local gigs.

Now you’re ready to move on to the world of a professional singing career.

We’ve put together a step-by-step guide to help you get noticed as a singer… even if major record producers don’t notice you right away.

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Is Your Singing Career Taking Off?

No matter how much talent you have, no matter if you’ve been improving your singing voice for years, it’s all for naught if no one ever hears of you. This is about getting noticed.

Before contacting venues to set up singing jobs, prepare and determine to be a success everywhere you perform. Don’t settle for a measly paycheck for each job, but let each performance be an avenue you can use to gain a dedicated following of listeners.

You’d be surprised at how local fans will remain loyal to you throughout your entire career – just because they feel they “know” you personally!

Your Own Singing Website will Promote You

The first step is to set up your own singing website. Include on your website your own biography, photos, personal facts about yourself, likes and dislikes – it should be all about you! This will give your fans a chance to get to know you better.

Have a  forum where fans can chat or leave comments – and stay actively involved so you can get to know them as well. Also, consider using a blog to keep in contact with fans.

If you’ve already recorded some of your own songs, put them on your website as MP3 downloads. You can include the entire songs or only samples of them. If you plan to sell your songs on an album, it’s recommended that you only use samples.

You might consider giving away a few freebies at the start, but be sure to copyright them first.

Once your website is up and running, print business cards and flyers with your website address on them. On business cards, you might also consider printing your full-color photo.

It will cost a little more, but it will give your audience something visual to remember you by. Give these out to your audience everywhere you perform. You might take a friend with you to pass out the cards and flyers at the door if the manager or owner will allow it.

Contacting Singing Venues

Once you are ready to market your singing talents to your audiences, it’s time to contact venues to set up singing jobs.

Check with local venues and places in surrounding towns at the start. These might be local clubs, DJ shows or karaoke parties, etc.

Be sure to have a promotional package ready to leave with venue managers. This will let them know you are serious about your singing career.

Don’t limit yourself to local clubs, however. Keep in mind that many organizations and companies often throw parties or events where live music is provided. Local city governments also host a number of festivals and events.

Contact the owners or managers of art centers or galleries, banquet sites, convention halls, bingo halls, cabaret venues, hotels, carnivals, libraries, military bases, schools, restaurants, specialized clubs, showcase venues, theaters, and community centers.

This gives you a wide range of possibilities in your own hometown and other surrounding towns.

As you secure singing jobs in your local area, you might want to spread out further to other towns.

If the owner of the venue and the crowd are very happy with your talents, be sure to ask for referrals. You’d be amazed at how many jobs you can secure through referrals and word-of-mouth.

Each performance can enable you to build a new following. Once you have a significant number of fans, you might be ready to record your first album. Have your fans to sign up for email or mail updates on when the new album will be released.

Don’t Stop with Just Recording Your First Album – Market Yourself!

Once you record your first album, start marketing yourself to record producers and the media.

Send out press releases to the media, and use online resources to make contacts. There are many agents and producers that can be reached through the Internet that could not be reached at all before. Take advantage of new technology while you can!

Use these tips to get started with your own singing career. With the right marketing tools and lots of zeal, you can realize your singing dreams!

Self-Help Voice Training Courses

falsetto singingIf you don’t feel you are ready for a full singing career just yet you can find plenty of speech level singing tutorials online by enrolling in distance learning music schools with a professional singing trainer.

If you feel uncomfortable singing in front of a group of people, speech level voice training might be just what you need to overcome your singing fears!

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