Fatten Up Your Sound With A Gibson Epiphone Guitar

Gibson Epiphone GuitarLooking for a top of the line string instrument for Christmas or for yourself? Well, look no further. The Gibson Epiphone guitar fits the bill for most professional or intermediate guitarists.

Enjoy your guitar with this modern classic.

Let’s face it – Guitarists are finicky creatures.

They tend to have some pretty strong feelings about what musical sounds they like.

The Gibson Epiphone Guitar – A Sound All Its Own – A Quick Word About Buying Cheap Electric Guitars

With cheap electric guitars, you have quite a few options. A lot of people assume that the only way to go is to buy an all-in-one beginning guitar kit, but this is not the case.

This is probably the most popular instrument in America. As such, musicians buy and sell them all the time. With that said, how did I come up with the Gibson Epiphone guitar?

Favorite Types Of Electric Guitars

Many musicians are into Fender electric guitars. Fenders traditionally have single coil pickups which leads to a thinner, sharper, and dirtier tone. It has a lot of definition, and sounds good in certain kinds of distorted rock ‘n roll.

My Choice? – The Gibson Epiphone Guitar

Nonetheless, I’ve always been an avid fan of Gibson guitars. These instruments are probably the closest competitor of Fender. My Gibson Epiphone guitar uses fatter, double coil pickups. What this does is to fatten up the sound.

It stresses low harmonics over high ones, giving it a mellower, deeper sound. It also cleans up the tone a little bit and gets rid of some electromagnetic interference. In my opinion, It gives you one of the hottest sounds in rock ‘n roll.

Expensive Electric Gibson Guitars – New VS. Used

At one time, I wanted to buy a Gibson custom guitar. You can find a used upper register musical instrument that is still in pretty good shape.

A tip is to take someone along who knows what they are doing. You need to understand whether the frets are lined up properly, whether the neck is warped, and a lot of other things that you might not know how to evaluate as a beginner.

Pawn shops can be risky business, and used musical instrument stores are not always reputable which is why I made the choice of getting a lower end new electric guitar as opposed to a used one.

As a matter of fact, the only reason I got my Gibson Epiphone guitar was because I couldn’t afford to get anything more expensive in the new lines.

Understand that Epiphone is the Gibson starter line. These guitars are less expensive, less showy looking, and tend to be manufactured overseas for lower prices.

My Epiphone Guitar by Gibson Went From A Temporary Solution To Permanent

I had planned to play my Epiphone for about a year and then invest in a more expensive Gibson Les Paul or custom ax.

After playing it for little over a month, however, I get used to it. I was pretty impressed by the quality.

I could get exactly the right sound I desired, the neck action was pretty much perfect, and the instrument looked to be solidly made.

I know Gibson Epiphone guitars are supposed to be inferior instruments to the mainstream instrument series, but honestly I can hardly tell the difference. Maybe one day when I am a true expert I will upgrade, but until then I’m doing just fine with what I have.

Don’t Get Indignant! Everybody Has An Opinion Whether It’s Fender Or Gibson Epiphone Guitars

In my humble opinion, when it comes to buying electric guitars, personal preference is pretty much everything. I am basically a bass player and I would not trade my Fender bass for any instrument on the market.

But, for straight electric guitars, I had a great time with my Gibson Epiphone guitar, but I know a lot of people who don’t really enjoy playing Gibsons.

It really depends on your musical instrument, how it is set up and what kind of amplifier you are playing it through. The comparison continues with special effects you’re using, what strings you’re using, and what sort of playing style you have.

Whew!! There are so many factors at work that it is unlikely that two people will ever have exactly the same experience, whether good or bad, on the same guitar.

Try The Gibson Epiphone Guitar And Other Instruments Before Deciding

The best thing to do is to go into a music shop where they take good care of their string instruments and try out a few different brands.

Pick up a Gibson Epiphone guitar, but also trial play Fenders, Gretsch guitars, and anything else that appeals to you. When you play the one to keep, you’ll certainly know it.

Now, if you’ve tried out the Gibson Epiphone guitar and really like it, you can buy one online at a discount. Check out the selection here ..

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