guitar accessoriesGuitars and accessories are gifts appreciated by musicians everywhere. For the musical person in your life who has everything, guitar accessories as gifts are the answer.

Looking for a perfect gift idea for a serious guitar player?

If you are, you probably want to get them something this holiday or for that birthday they will find useful.

Find A Little Information First about Guitar Accessories

Though guitar accessories are always a great idea, this can be a bit tricky. A newer player may not care what you get, as long as they can use it.

But the seasoned or long time player may be a bit more picky about what they will use and what might end up in the closet. You may have to do some detective work before you go out shopping for the best accessories for guitars.

Guitar Picks — A Small Token

Most guitar players use picks. There are some that don’t, but most use these because they prefer the sound as opposed to using the fingers. Strumming with fingers can be painful after a while anyway.

When it comes to buying guitar accessories, you really can’t go wrong with picks, as most players go through them rather quickly. However, you do have to be sure that you get the right size of pick.

They come in different thickness, and that information should be printed right on the pick. If you want to get picks, “borrow” one or have a peek to see which type pick your guitarist uses.

If you buy the wrong size, they may never use them.

Buying Guitar Accessories Such As Pick-Ups

This is a little technical but if you want to spend a little more money on guitar accessories, you can always get them new pick-ups for their favorite guitar.

You do have to be careful here, as many are made for a specific type of sound, and many have their preference as to what they like to use. In this case, you have to know the specific type they might want to have or you should probably go with something else.

It is easy enough to get a musician to talk about the type of guitar accessory they like, so find a way to work it into a casual conversation. You may get the information you need rather quickly.

Strings, Straps And Other Guitar Accessories Make Fine Gift Ideas

There are other music items that your friend or loved one would like to have. You can get pick guards that might go with the style of guitar that they have, or you could get them strings or straps.

A “Most Wanted” Gift – The Guitar Strap

Most guitar players need a way to keep their string instruments right where they need them.

Though some play acoustic, and they may not need guitar straps, you can bet most will love them.

Whether you are buying them for yourself or someone else, there are some things to keep in mind as you shop.

Most of these accessories are fine for most players, but some have preferences and even needs that may render some of them as fun, but not very useful.

Keep style and preference in mind while you stop, as well as the style of music that someone might play.

Choosing Guitar Straps

Some musicians play their instrument very low meaning they are normally standing when they play, and the instrument is slung low.

This is often due to the fact that they have very long arms, or this is the way they learned.

Most guitarists learn in a particular position, and that is what they stick with for the most part.

If someone you know plays like that, you are going to have to be sure the guitar straps that you buy are long enough to be useful.

Most straps for guitars and basses are adjustable, but some are shorter than others.

Buy The Guitar Accessory They Want – Not Just What Looks Good On The Shelf

Another aspect of choosing the right guitar straps is personal taste. Just as you might get someone clothing or shoes that seem to mirror what they wear most of the time, you have to think about the types of straps they already own.

This year for Christmas my father-in-law bought my husband a guitar accessory in the form of a strap that was really cool, but just does not fit his style.

Though he treasures it because his father has recently passed away, I don’t think he’s ever going to actually use it when he plays with his band.

Look at the guitar straps that someone already has so you have a general idea of what they like before you go shopping.

Get Sturdy Guitar Accessories

Guitars are expensive, and if the strap were to break and the instrument was to fall, it might not survive. Get the more expensive ones so you know they will last through years of playing.

Also keep comfort in mind. This accessory is going to hold a heavy guitar with most of the pressure on the neck and shoulder, so the player will not feel any discomfort.

Just be sure to know what brand and style of guitar they play, and then go into your local music store and ask someone who works there for recommendations. Or, you can shop for guitar accessories online].

Buying accessories for guitars can be a lot of fun, and the right items will be very welcome and appreciated birthday or holiday gifts.

Just make sure you put the proper thought into what you are getting and you can’t go wrong.

Now that you’re informed, make your musician happy with new guitar accessories for his or her beloved instrument!

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