Vocal Training for Your Optimum High Mix Voice – You Can Sing Higher

Singing higher is the aspiration of many new singers. If you are having a challenge with your high mix voice and reaching the upper notes, the legendary Brett Manning, along with artist Kelly Goolsby, explain the easiest way to find the right balance for high mix voice so you can hear as well as see the tips in action.

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Kelly demonstrates a technique for how he reaches those amazing higher notes without straining while not always vocalizing with falsetto.  Here are some highlights of this informative vocal training video…

1.  Start Light

Use very low larynx voice for warm-up exercises.  Gradually increase to get a little more mix, with a slightly harder edge.

Use the letters B, Bua, Ahh, Maa, Mua, etc. and increase volume and add a little more texture as you go.  Or if easier, you can start at the higher singing pitch and then tone the voice down in increments.

2.  Find the Right Key

Use a keyboard or other instrument to find the right key for where you’d like to start during the exercise.  Then you’ll be able to jump from a lower range to a much higher range with little effort.

When trying to reach higher notes without mixing your higher voices – chest and head, your vocal cords might tend to strain and your singing can become disconnected from one note to the next.

Singing Range

The right voice mix gives you the ability to increase range on a variety of songs without putting a strain on the vocal cords.

It can mean the difference between singing a low-key country song to singing a high-pitched rock song, such as “When a Man Loves a Woman!”

falsetto singingUse this quick and easy mixed voice training tip to improve your singing quality; range, and reach the high mix voice you’ve always dreamed of.

Find other great tips for singers with vocal training lessons online as I add them. Your voice will be much happier!


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