Top 10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Musicians and Singers

Christmas gifts for musicians

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If seems that Christmas time always comes quickly, and you might find yourself buying the same types of gifts every year.

But, for the musician or singer in your life, you can spruce up your gift-giving with these 10 unique holiday gift ideas.

What do You Buy a Guitar Player for Christmas?

1. Recording Equipment: What musician wouldn’t love to record their singing or playing?

Recording equipment gives them the freedom to record in their own home and put their music and voice skills to the test!

2. Sheet Music: Buy some sheet music of their favorite types of music or favorite songs. Sheet music is readily available online today at affordable rates, and you can find thousands of great songs for the holidays as well!

3. Microphones: Microphones can be a dream gift for any singer. Singers love to hear their voices over the loud speaker. A professional style microphone with a speaker can make the perfect gift for anyone who loves to sing.

4. Sheet Music Stand: A sheet music stand also makes a great gift. Stands enable your friend or loved one to hold their sheet music in place while playing an instrument or singing. And, it’s a great way to say “I love you” at Christmas with a practical gift.

5. Singing Courses or Music Courses: Voice training, and music instructional books make great gifts for the aspiring singer. You’ll be giving them a gift, but also much more. The training lessons they receive will last a lifetime.

One of of the better singing courses online I’ve found is Singorama . I put up a Singorama review here to give you more info.

6. Sheet Music Folders and Portfolios: Sheet music folders and portfolios make it easy to store sheet music while traveling and to hold it in place on the music stand.

See the Final Three Holiday Gift Ideas for Musicians and Singers

7. Musical Instruments: If you have the budget for a more elaborate gift, a musical instrument makes the ultimate gift for musicians. This can be any instrument they are interested in such as guitar, piano, harmonica, violin, banjo, bass, trumpet, clarinet, etc.

8. Musical Instrument Accessories: If your loved one already has their own musical instrument, you might want to buy some accessories to go along with it. Guitars always need picks, capos, and strings, or guitar cases and shoulder straps. For pianos, a home tune-up kit will always come in handy.

9. iPod Player: An iPod player makes a great gift for the music lover.

Your love one can copy all their favorite songs onto one player to take with them anywhere they go! They can even copy their own recordings onto the player for enjoyment.

10. Karaoke: For the fun side of singing, a karaoke machine makes a great gift for anyone who loves to sing (whether they “can” sing or not). Karaoke is popular at clubs, family gatherings, and office parties!

Surprise your loved one who loves music with a unique Christmas gift this holiday season. They’ll sing or play like never before!

Want a terrific Christmas Gift for a Singer?

Christmas gift for singersIf you give a gift to that singer in your life, or just someone who wants to learn how to sing, give the Holiday gift of a cool singing course

Get them singing training lessons to learn from home. Get Singorama now before the Holiday Season is over!

You can see details here..

I hope you found these 10 holiday gift ideas for musicians and singers useful and will get that talented person in your life something he or she will cherish for a long, long time. Merry Christmas to you and your family. – Bob

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