How can I learn to sing professionally?

Girl with guitar studies sheet music. How can she learn to sing professionally? Photo by Bob Pardue

So, you’ve been pondering this question in your mind.. “How can I learn to sing professionally?” Perhaps you wish to pursue a professional career in singing but just don’t know where to start.

I Want to Know – How Can I Learn to Sing Professionally?

Perhaps you’d like to be able to sing at local functions and gigs and build a name for yourself so you can go nationwide or worldwide some day.

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Even after asking, “How can I learn to sing as a professional?” you might also ask, “How can I improve my singing voice?” Both are great questions that you SHOULD be asking if you’re planning to go the career path as a singer.

1. Why do so many new singers fail when pursuing their career?

Simple – they lack a plan. Many singers don’t know what to do “next.” They need mentors or coaches to help guide them in the right direction. Launching a new singing career that involves recording an album, performances, autograph signings, etc. requires a lot of know-how and organization.

Beginners can become confused about which steps to take next….get a lawyer? a manager? record an album? book a gig?

2. What about demos?

The music industry has changed quite a bit over the last few decades. Before a person can even expect to land a record deal, the label needs to know that you have a constituency – a following of people that are hanging on your every word or every song. Once you have a following and are a great performer, then the labels will come to you.

3. Start Small

Begin launching a singing career to build a name for yourself in your local area. Then spread out from there. Build a circle of influence so your name starts to spread. If others aren’t talking about you in a positive way (creating buzz), then there’s no career.

4. Always Learn and Improve

Even if you’re at the threshold of your singing career, don’t quit asking, “How can I learn to sing better?” You should always be improving your techniques, perfecting your voice in every way so your performances will just get better and better.

Listeners can recognize a slacker a mile away…and they will eventually stop listening if they don’t like what they hear. If you’re already a great singer, consider online singing courses to learn new techniques and to remind yourself to practice the ones you already know.

Take these four tips to heart before trying to pursue a singing career. Also, consider the various avenues you can take as a professional singer.

Not all vocal professionals are “rock or pop stars!” Some are simply concert performers for a specific type of audience. Some sing in plays or restaurants, or maybe nightclubs. Some sing for special occasions such as weddings, parties, etc.


So don’t limit yourself. And keep asking the question, “How can I learn to sing professionally?” until you find a singing career plan that works for you! Get started today!

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