The Art of Choosing Tunes to Sing

How to pick songs to singYou know how to sing a song but what about choosing them correctly? Here are a few tips to get you thinking like a pro performer.

If you are a singing beginner, you’re probably overwhelmed with the thought of choosing songs for performance.

Continuing the online vocal training and techniques for singers is how to choose songs. Even if you already know how to sing, you still want to choose tunes that match your style and your audience.

 Vocal Training Tips – How to Choose Songs

What type of singer should you be? Who will be your audience? It’s important to define the type of singer you want to be and the type of songs you will sing early on in your career.

Switching music genres once you’re established as a professional singer is not readily welcomed in the music world (even for well known stars)!

Your Singing Technique and Style

Knowing how to choose songs will become easier as you discover your voice style or classification. If you’re a female, your voice will be classified as soprano, mezzo soprano or alto (highest to lowest ranges).

As a male, your voice will be classified as tenor, baritone or bass (highest to lowest ranges). Then, of course, there are various keys on the music scale that will affect how your voice sounds within any of these classifications.

So, determine which keys work best with your voice, and which classification best suits you.

Your voice might fit into two classes and be able to switch back and forth when singing in groups. But there’s still that one area in which you seem to fit all the way. Find your singing niche so you can build upon a solid background.

Don’t Go It Alone

Choosing the types of songs you will sing shouldn’t be a “loner” task. Get some help. Ask a music teacher or someone with a good ear for music and singing to help you determine what’s right for you.

Once you’ve narrowed the choices to a few possible song types, then choose based on your gut feeling. Ask yourself personal questions about your singing and the songs.

Which songs “feel right” to you? Which sound the best with your voice? What type of music do you personally prefer when listening to the radio?

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Record yourself singing the type of songs you choose and listen carefully to how the songs flow from you. Does your voice sound natural for that type of singing?

Do the songs fit your personality and looks if you were to perform in front of a crowd? Use your imagination to picture yourself on a stage singing those songs to hundreds of people!

Types of Tunes – From Classical to C/W

In the mainstream media, the most common types of songs include country / western, rock and roll, classical / opera, Christian gospel, jazz, pop and folk. And there are hundreds more to choose from…. but let’s stick with the main ones for sake of space!


If you decide to be a country / western singer, you will need the type of voice that projects this style of music. Singers with a southern draw tend to do well in the country music industry.


If you plan to sing pop, be prepared to sing fast and have an energetic, upbeat demeanor while singing. Jazz and blues are laid-back types of music. Rock and roll can be slow, fast or anything in between!

Once you determine the type of singer you want to be, then answering the question “How to Choose Songs?” will be a cinch.

You’ll know which songs best suit your voice and be able to write new songs accordingly. Get to know your voice and what works best for you. Whatever style or song you choose, make a decision based on what will make you happy for the long term.

Don’t Rush Your Song Choices

singing lessons onlineTake things one step at a time.

If you don’t feel you are quite “stage ready” yet as a performer, there is a wonderful singing instruction online course you can take to tune up your vocal range and status.

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