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Even if you are a singer sometimes you need to find a certain song by sheet music. Or maybe you don’t know the title but you know some of the lyrics.

Here are some tips for how to find a song to sing – you should be able to locate songs quickly.

Do you ever happen to catch a snippet of a certain tune, maybe on the radio while driving, or in the background while shopping, or turned on full blast at a party?



Know the Music? Know the Lyrics? Tips for How to Find Songs

Then afterwards you’ll occasionally hear it in random places and spend a few seconds agonizing over what the heck song it is.

And it seems hopeless to find a song when you don’t the artist or lyrics, and all you have are the few words of the catchy chorus in your head playing over and over without a song title to identify with.

How to Locate Songs

Fortunately, there are ways to track down that elusive song, but it’s much easier if the song is popular at the time. Chances are it will be, or else you wouldn’t be hearing it at so many different places. One way to find a song is to see if your friends can tell you what it is.

Try humming a bar or singing some words if you were able to pick them up. Of course, this is contingent upon how well you can sing or remember what you’ve been hearing.

Your friends might know the song you’re trying to find, but if they can’t recognize what you’re singing, then they can’t help you.

Do an Online Search by a Line of Lyric

If you’re bad at singing, there are other ways to find a song. If you know a line from the song, you can try searching by lyrics. This works best if the line is distinctive in what it’s saying. If it’s another “I love you” kind of refrain, then it’ll be more difficult to find the song you’re looking for.

A Google search might pop up some songs and artists, and you can try listening to them on Youtube or a music website like imeem that you’re a member of.

Turn on the Radio!

If searching by lyrics isn’t working either, then yet another way to find a song is to look it up on popular radio stations like Star 103.5. Radio station websites have a list of the songs that they play, and your song could be on that list, though you will have to sort through a lot of songs.

If you’re lucky, the line you remember will have the same words as the title of the song. Again, you can try looking up the ones that look promising on Youtube and see if there’s a match.

Finding a certain song can be difficult and frustrating at times, but it eventually can be done.

You Can Become the Song Person THEY Come To!

You can also try being more in the know about popular music trends so that you don’t run into this kind of situation, and if people want to get the words, read the music or just find a tune, they’ll start coming to you first. You’ll become known as the tune man or woman. Excited?

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