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Pretty much everyone, even experienced vocalists are off pitch sometimes, but some singers continually struggle to sing the right notes, don’t they?

They do not have the ability to sing ‘by ear’ naturally, and they can’t seem to get the hang of matching their voice to a certain pitch.

Hopefully, this vocal training lesson will put you one step closer to learning how to sing in tune and unlock the secret to your in tune voice.

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Why Singing in Tune is Important

Really good professional singers understand that being on pitch at all times is essential.

If you think you have no singing pitch problems, you may want to get a second opinion.

It’s not your fault that you sometimes sing out of tune and don’t even know it!

But, there is something you can do about it…

Many singers who have pitch problems blame tone deafness, but this is actually very rare.

If you have pitch problems, they are probably the result of one of these common issues:

Is Your Accompaniment on Key?

If you are singing in a group or playing your own guitar while you sing, improper tuning can throw off your pitch.

You might think you’re singing the right note, but you have adjusted your pitch on incorrect tuning.

Use a tuning device or strike a note on a piano to make sure your instrument is in tune and accurate.

Turn it Up? or Down?

Music volume is another issue that can interfere with your ability to stay on pitch.

If the acoustic guitar or piano is too quiet, or if the bass or electric instruments are too loud, you might have trouble hitting the right notes.

Good Monitors Can Help You Sing Better

There are times in which vocalists cannot hear themselves during live stage performances.

This can be disorienting and can cause singing pitch problems.

If you suspect this is the reason for your off-pitch singing, use special music monitors you can place in your ear when you sing live.

Identifying Music Notes

There are people who can identify notes simply by hearing them once.These folks are naturals, and are not the norm.

Many others need to hear the notes many times over before matching their pitch.

Rehearse Musical Scales

Start by playing a scale on a piano or guitar. Really listen to the notes and how they resonate.

Play through the scale several times, and then play through while matching your voice to the notes.

Get Serious!

It’s easy to let your mind wander when you do this type of singing exercise, but try to stay focused on the notes.

Pay close attention to how your throat feels when you hit each note.

With enough practice, you should be able to learn how to sing in tune even when you can’t hear yourself.

If It’s Physical

Vocal cord tension or maybe chronic health problems can make it difficult to stay on pitch when you sing.

To remedy this, you’ll need to address and treat the root cause of the problem.

Sinus infections, colds, and allergies can leave you with a stuffy head that makes it difficult to discern pitches, much less sing them correctly.

If you’re suffering from an illness, give yourself and your voice time to rest and recover.

Relax when You Sing

Tension can also keep you from staying on pitch.

Loosen up your vocal cords by warming up thoroughly before you sing.

How To Sing In Tune


Do stretches to loosen up your other muscle groups as well.

Stand up tall when you sing to give your lungs room to expand.

Lessons for Singing on Key

Once you’ve discovered the cause of your singing pitch problem, you can take steps to fix it.

If it’s just a matter of instrument tuning and volume, it should be a quick fix.

Get an electronic tuning device to help you get your guitar or piano on the right pitch, or adjust the volume as needed.

Getting Feedback

Make recordings of your voice as you sing along with different notes played on a properly tuned guitar or keyboard.

Play back the record to see which notes need more work.

After a week or so, you should start to hear a noticeable difference in how well your vocal pitch matches the notes.

A More Serious Solution

You can also purchase vocal training software online that comes complete with headphones which allow you to listen to your own voice as you sing.

You can control the volume of the playback as needed.

PitchPerfector software can tell you when you are on pitch and when you are off pitch and only then can you understand your unique singing pitch “signature.”

It’s built-in training sessions show you where you are going wrong and help you tweak to singing note perfection.

Learn to Sing Better Vibrato

You can also use this amazing software to study and refine the wave structure of your vibrato and other vocal techniques.

You don’t have to let pitch problems keep you from singing in tune every time! Use these tips and voice lessons to stay on pitch when you sing.


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Here’s another video singing lesson to watch.

Learn how to sing on key with this interactive voice lesson!

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