Learn How You Can Sing Vibrato Like a Pro

how to sing with vibrato


This quick lesson will teach you how to sing with vibrato to give your voice a unique sound.

While many singers have a natural vibrato, most beginners don’t understand how to recognize and use the technique to benefit their singing voice.

But once you learn the how to, you’ll be able to turn it on and off like a switch with a little practice. That’s what this singing tip is all about today. Let’s get started.

What Exactly is Vibrato?

Vibrato occurs when there’s oscillation of your vocal cords.. It is the technique of moving your vocal cords as your voice switches from one note to another (half step notes).

This switch must take place very quickly to form a good sounding vibrato.

Learning how to sing with vibrato offers a number of benefits.

Developing a good vibrato indicates that you’ve got good vocal technique, which can really impress a crowd as well as get you those gigs and recording opportunities you’ve been hoping for!

Mastering vibrato can also help you move forward with learning higher and/or lower keys while singing.

Your voice will become more balanced in sound, and you’ll eventually be able to switch into vibrato and higher/lower keys effortlessly.

What is Good Vibrato Singing?

You know you’ve achieved your goals for vibrato once you’re able to shift between two pitches effortlessly at a speed of about six times per second.

The speed to which you can change keys with your voice is will determine how well you sing vibrato.

Take time to listen for vibrato by some famous singers such as Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Celine Dion, Elvis Presley, etc.

A Simple Vibrato Exercise

Learning how to sing with vibrato often requires voice training and many exercises. Here’s a simple exercise to help you understand how vibrato sounds and works.

Put both hands in the area below your chest where the ribs join (in the mid-section).

Your hands should be just slightly below this area but above the naval. Pick any note that’s easy for you to sing and hold for a few seconds.

As you’re singing the music note, press on your stomach gently with your hands.

Push in and then pull out over and over, listening to how this maneuver changes your voice pitch.

Your voice will likely go up and down as in a rhythm while pushing on this area of your belly. Try doing so at a faster speed of three or four times per second.

While this is an unpolished sound, you’ll get the general idea of how vibrato works.

Take Singing to the Next Level

Try taking a singing course that include lessons for developing vibrato. Practicing daily will help you develop vibrato without straining your voice.

How to sing vibratoIn the singing course, you’ll learn how to sing with vibrato by learning to open your throat properly, practicing certain breathing techniques, doing muscle relaxation exercises, and learning to develop appropriate posture while singing.

Now that you know a little about vibrato voice technique, get started by reading about a course for singers that teaches how to sing with vibrato and other great voice lessons!

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