Johnny Cash SongsThe legendary Man in Black, Johnny Cash, is one of the most well known country singers of all time.

Who is Johnny Cash?

Johnny Cash came from a very humble beginning, living with his grandparents in a small cabin in the mountains, where he developed his musical talents.

Abandoned by his mother, Johnny Cash built a strong relationship with his grandparents, and honed his musical skills by playing and singing gospel songs in church, and for friends and family as well.

Some of the most recognized Johnny Cash songs are spiritual classics based on his strong Christian upbringing.

Johnny Cash will remain with us for a long time even though he is no longer with us in flesh

I Walk the Line” – Hit Movie Shows the Life of Johnny Cash

The hit movie depicting the life of Johnny Cash and his wife June Carter Cash, “Walk the Line”, is a great portrayal of how the fabulous country star got his start from humble beginnings and went on to become a legend representing the lives of common men.

Johnny Cash began his singing career in 1955 singing about cowboys and Indians, preachers, convicts, and blue collar life.

At Folsom Prison
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Johnny Cash Songs – You’ll Recognize Most

A sampling of Johnny Cash songs include the namesake of the recent hit movie “I Walk the Line”, as well as other popular hits …

  • “Folsom Prison Blues”
  • “A Boy Named Sue”, “Ring of Fire”
  • “I’ve Been Everywhere”
  • “My Grandfather’s Clock”
  • “Get Rhythm”
  • “Long Black Veil”

And, many, many other classic hit songs.

Take Time to Sing Some Johnny Cash Songs

Guitar cords and lyrics for Johnny Cash songs are available from many sites online, as well as sound snippets and free downloads.

Compact discs and DVDs featuring Johnny Cash songs can also be purchased online from a number of online retailers such as Barnes & Noble .

The stories told in each Johnny Cash song were in fact pieces of the singer’s life, every one tied to a particular experience or memory.

Since the death of Johnny Cash on September 12, 2003, at the age of seventy-one, fans and everyone who knew and loved him miss him immensely.

He was a great contributor to the history of country music, and will forever remain an icon in

We’ll Miss You, Johnny Cash

The songs of Johnny Cash will continue to inspire and entertain music lovers of all ages for many generations to come.

He is missed deeply but his music will live on and continue to inspire future singers and songwriters to follow in his footsteps.

Since his passing and the making of the movie “Walk the Line”, many new fans of Johnny Cash songs have been born. He truly is a legend and will so remain.

There will only ever be one Man in Black; no one can ever duplicate the talent and contribution made by Johnny Cash to the country music genre.

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