Have Fun or  Enhance Your Singing Skills with a Karaoke Player

karaoke playersAmong the basic things you need to arouse your singing career could be karaoke players.

Take time to educate yourself all about karaoke players and how they can help you to improve your vocal abilities.

If you have thought about trying your voice at karaoke, but never had the backbone to do so, here is some good news.

It’s exciting that you can sing at home with your own karaoke player.

Exactly what is this Oriental happening?

A karaoke player is a software program which can be downloaded straight  to your computer system. Many can be had for free unless they offer special paid features.

The player is comparable to other audio MIDI players that enable you to listen to music through your computer speakers or headphones.

The difference is that a this software lets you to both hear the music and view the lyrics to the song on your computer monitor so you can sing along.

It’s sort of like owning your own karaoke machine in your personal computer!

Finding songs to sing

After you download the software, you will need some songs to go with it. These can be downloaded as well from a number of sites online. Prices vary according to the website.

To shop for great songs for your collection go to a big search engine like Bing and add in key phrases such as “downloadable karaoke songs” or “karaoke songs for computer.”

Most are downloadable in files your player can read. Some players can read lots of files such as MP3, WAV, or other methods of play.

The software displays the text and plays the music from the file. If ordering more than one song, they will probably arrive in a zip file, which can be removed with the standard WinZip processing program.

Getting a mike

If you want an even better music experience, get a good computer mike to expand your voice while singing. You might be able to perform like the professionals without ever leaving your desk!

Using your Karaoke system

Another great thing about having a singing machine on your home computer is you can use it during family or other gatherings.

What better way to Make your own entertainment than to pull up some cool lyrics for different members of the family to sing?

Almost anyone can do it. Even the children will love singing along.

For the Office Party

For your next office party, suggest ordering a karaoke player to set up on one of the office work stations so coworkers can have some singing fun.

The employees can let their hair down for a little while, try their luck at singing and maybe even have a friendly contest before getting back to the job.

For professional use

One other benefit (to me the most important) is using it to hone your skills in the vocal realm. The professional software applications you can find online are especially for that purpose.

If taking your voice to the next level is what you are after, isn’t it better to find a fun way to do it? These programs are essential for helping singers find where their notes are not quite where they should be, especially when they sing the high phrases.

There is nothing quite like analyzing your level of sharpness to ease into better habits. It’s really amazing that products like Singing Superstar can tell you exactly where you stand on reaching the correct pitch after each and every performance, enabling you to get better and better at singing in tune with the music.

Can you imagine how you’ll feel when your score is almost perfect, hitting the high and low notes with an unbelievable frequency? This is what a good system will do once you’ve moved on from the “free” stuff.

Entering contests locally

When you’re ready, you can take your talent to the streets so to speak. There are many restaurants and clubs where karaoke is a nightly show and you can test out your new skills in front of live audiences – if that’s your heart’s desire.

Or, you might even enter a local competition to show off your new found vocal abilities – the sky’s the limit now that you’ve learned the basics of controlling your voice. I’ve added a few tips below to help you get the best results when you decide to enter these contests.

The Magic

Quite a few nightclubs and other gathering establishments have declared karaoke nights, and then there are bars that feature this type of fun exclusively on a nightly basis.

Either Sing or Just Watch The Other Performers

Karaoke singing is a great release, a way to let all the events of the day disappear, to let loose and have a good time! If feeling a bit like a spectator, just sit back and enjoy the other people’s attempts to sing into the microphone.

It is quite entertaining, listening to people that are really good, people having fun with it, and people that just have no clue whatsoever.

Ways of Improving Your Karaoke Singing Voice

One way to better yourself is by warming up and breathing correctly – these two things are the easiest ways to improve and protect your voice immediately. Other advice includes formal training, and how to listen to yourself more carefully and always be on pitch.

Some good tips include how to sing with a cold sore throat, staying hydrated, singing body posture, and among other things, alcohol, singing, and you.

Drinking Alcohol and Singing Don’t Mix

One drink is okay to help you relax, but it’s probably not best to get smashed and then try to sing. Chances are, you will embarrass yourself, and the only person who will think you are good is the person whose had more to drink than you.

Some More Interesting Facts About Players

Becoming a singer is most likely your ultimate goal but I thought I’d include and little background information about the machine you’ll be using when you croon.

How It Began

A revolution in entertainment began in the 1970s when the first karaoke machines came on to the market in Japan. They were expensive but the price came down and the modern version we all know today, the brainchild of a Filipino inventor, took the 1980s by storm. The phenomenon spread throughout the world and seems to be here to stay.

Home Or In Public – You Can Have Lots Of Fun!

Not everyone is a fan but most people enjoy a fun night out in a Karaoke Bar. Secret devotees prefer to use the equipment from the privacy of their homes!

It takes a certain amount of bravado to get up and sing in front of a roomful of people. Great vocalists have been discovered and the not so great have, at least, built up some self-confidence for getting in front of a crowded room.

The Early Days Of This Music Revolution

The early establishments who offered a stage for singers, sometimes known as KTV Boxes used basic equipment employing cassette tapes.

These were updated through time with CDs, laserdiscs, VCDs and DVDs. The karaoke player became more sophisticated and so did the venues. Small, cordoned off areas in clubs gave way to lounges, devoted to the dedicated music fan. Some have dance floors and disco lights.

Karaoke Singing Competitions

Competitions are popular with venues offering prizes for the best singer. Some of these go through various heats, ending in a final and a lucrative cash prize or even the chance to record in a professional studio.

Technology has provided this form of entertainment with innovations to keep everyone interested. The players are designed to make it easy for people and most enable the singer to select a higher or lower key that suits their voice, no matter if they sing soprano, bass, tenor or baritone.

Many machines also have sound effects such as putting echo onto the vocal.


Machines have been adapted to use MIDI computer software and the MIDI system is also used for placing songs on to cell phones.

VCDs are increasingly popular with some specialist versions available, such as Cantonese Opera, a historic favorite with Hong Kong customers.

An Exciting Lifestyle Choice

Singing on stage for junior competitions can be a lot of fun, and if you want to pursue your interest more intently, you can enter these karaoke singing contests in your local area.

The Traveling Singer

Some karaoke enthusiasts even go so far as to travel the country from one karaoke contest to another, competing for some really big cash prizes.

I wouldn’t recommend this option unless you have an exceptional voice and performance ability –  or you are independently wealthy just looking for an expensive hobby.

So many uses, so little time!

Karaoke playersNo matter if you use it for personal reasons, office fun or family reunions, a karaoke player can contribute a fun way of improving your singing voice.

That alone is worth the investment of owning the software. Get more singing tips like these – Get a Free Gift Here!

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