learning how to read music onlineIn times past, students of music have typically learned under a private instructor or maybe in a school classroom setting.

But these days learning how to read music online is as easy as signing up for an online music course.

Lessons are available in many formats, so it’s easier than ever to find a music theory course that’s right for you.

Let’s take a look at some key features to look for when choosing music lessons.

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Ease of Use

Is the course easy to use for beginners? This is very important since learning how to read music isn’t a cake walk for someone that’s new to the skill.

It’s similar to learning to speak a new language, and each lesson should build upon the previous teaching.

So before purchasing a course, read the presentation and outline carefully.

Compare to other music theory courses to make sure all is covered. If you only go by the lowest price, you might find that the course doesn’t cover everything you’d like to learn.

But keep in mind that many music courses are affordable and can save you thousands of dollars when compared to taking private lessons.

Learning music reading doesn’t take nearly as long with a home study course, so you can reduce your learning by years!

Also consider “how” the course lessons will be presented. Are the lessons downloadable so you can read them again as needed?

Convenient for Your Schedule?

While some online music courses have lessons that are on a time schedule, where you have to log in at an exact time to take the lesson, there are many flexible options to learn at your own pace.

Look for these types of lessons if you have a busy schedule but still need to take an online course.

The Music Theory Course, for instance, sends you emails with downloadable lessons. You can take the lesson at your convenience, any time during the week, but still stay on schedule with the course’s completion time frame.

This particular course sends two lessons each month for a total of 24 lessons in a year!

Teaching all the Important Aspects of Reading Music Notes

Learning how to read music can easily be attained with the right type of course. “What’s being taught” is just as important as the method of teaching.

The following is a list of important music theory skills that you’ll need to read music appropriately.

1. How to read basic notes and recognize and use rhythms.

2. Learn scales (notes) stacking and sequences as well as keys.

3. How to recognize and play the four basic chords.

4. How to play scale types such as blues, gospel, polytonal, etc.

5. Learning major and minor scales (fingering, numbers and rules, scale fingering pages).

6. Learn basic music terminology.

Practice Reading Music on a Regular Basis for Success

learning music theory courses onlineAs with any learning process, practice is the key to success. Make sure the course teaches you how and when to practice, with a practice chart that makes it simple for you as a beginner.

Learning how to read music doesn’t have to be difficult. Consider these tips and find a course that makes it easy to learn for your skills level.

Even if you took music lessons as a child and need refresher course, online lessons are great for this as well. Start building your musical skills today!

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