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So, you want a career in the music industry. You want to hang around with your favorite recording artist and get all the benefits of stardom, right? Well, think again.

Here is the real scoop about music industry careers. A job working with rock star singers all day sounds glamorous. But,careers in the music industry require hard work, dedication and some very long hours.

A passion for music is a good start and there are many rewards. Different routes lead to this exciting world and it’s important to decide which type of job is best suited to your particular skills.

Technical Jobs In Music

For people interested in the technical side of music, a course at a music college will give the relevant qualifications. The recording studio is a hotbed of creativity, using sophisticated equipment. Being a Studio Engineer is a music industry career in the thick of things.

The engineer is in charge of sound quality and works the sound desk when recording and mixing takes place. This position can lead to working as the Record Producer. Record Producers with experience can demand a high salary.

Music Promotion

Having the right sound is not enough and artists need promotion to get ahead. This is where Music Promoters come in. The job involves organizing publicity in the form of interviews, press releases and personal appearances.

Plugging the latest record on TV and radio is an essential part of this career in the music industry. The promoter is always looking out for the next big thing. Some promoters specialize in working for a particular music festival or live music venue.

Music Industry Careers – 10% Inspiration and 90% Perspiration

Artist Managers, if they find the right act, can enjoy one of the most lucrative jobs in the music industry.

It’s all a matter of putting the hours in and luck if they find themselves in the right place at the right time. When a prospect is found, the manager will try to secure a recording contract and organize tours and publicity opportunities.

Specialty Music Careers

Some people like to specialize as a Tour Manager. Life on the road can be arduous and these managers need to have great organizational skills. They look after all the artist’s needs on tour and ensure that there is enough promotion around the gigs.

They are also responsible for working out the route.

The A &R person is another essential link in the chain and they also hunt down the most exciting new acts. They look for a spark of originality that can be translated into record and ticket sales. It’s the job of the A & R to liaise between the artist’s manager and record company to get the best deal.

This is one of the most exciting music industry career choices but entails many hours of listening to demo tapes and attending gigs in the search for something special.

The Only One With A Good Music Industry Job Is The One Writing About It?

careers in the music industryJournalism is another strand of activity and Music Journalists enjoy going to gigs, reviewing records and interviewing artists. This career in the music industry brings a front row seat.

Getting experience on a student paper or a regional newspaper can result in a job on a national music magazine. Then you’re eating the real musical cheesecake! I hope you find what you’re looking for in a music industry and good luck with your goals!

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