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Getting your whole family involved in new hobbies and projects is a good way to keep your family together.

They may like video games, or maybe watch TV, but sometimes is time to turn off the TV and video games and gather around the family table to enjoy talking and learning about music.

Music Reading Fun for the Whole Family Get Them Involved in Reading Music Notes

Start a new family hobby about reading music or set a goal for each family member. They can learn to play a musical instrument like guitar, violin, piano or even a bass guitar.

You’ll be surprised at the conversation which will develop once you get started in your hobby about music.

Enjoy the Company of Your Family Again Through Music

Discover your spouse and children again by having a family music night. This will keep the kids home and get everyone talking, laughing, and just having plain fun while learning valuable music information!

Try some new games geared toward learning music or just play the old family favorite music cds.

Either way, discuss what you feel about the music and let the conversation evolve. Who knows what you may wind up talking about!

Have Loads of Family Fun by Starting a Music Collection

Another way to have fun with music is to start a new music or song collection. Go to flea markets and thrift stores and find anything from music cds, or even old wax records, to add to your music collection.

Garage and yard sales are great places to find odd and interesting music to collect.

EBay and Amazon are both great online stores for building your music collection or selling it off. If you haven’t tried either yet, now’s a good time to get started.

Thanks for stopping by Vocal Training Online and enjoy your family today with your new musical hobby.

You can see how music reading can be fun and educational but nothing happens until you act. So, get your music reading skills in gear..

Okay, you’ve learned a bit about why you should read music, and what it takes to begin. Now, it’s your turn to shine! – Bob

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Joyce DiDonato Teaches a Student to Trill


How to Write Your Own Songs

Discover how to make songwriting a piece of cake. If you’d like to take your music from ordinary to extraordinary, you can write a signature song all your own, even if you don’t read music.

Check this powerhouse method to write songs of your own – and then publish them!

What Vocal Training Can & Can’t Do

Remember, your voice needs tuning – just like a musical instrument. Let’s face the facts. It’s no secret that singing, dancing, and acting are common hobbies artistic-minded people may take with them through adulthood. And, you may be one of them. But sadly, not everyone can do these things professionally.

When You Absolutely, Positively Have To Learn How To Sing…

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Learn How to Sing Trills

trills & runsYou may have heard of vocal trills and runs. But, do you use them as a singing tool? Did you know that you can improve your singing warmups by incorporating these musical riffs into your daily practice? Well, check out Joyce DiDonato as she demonstrates a trill for you.

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