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Even if you are a singer sometimes you need to find a certain song by sheet music. Or maybe you don’t know the title but you know some of the lyrics. Here are some tips for how to find a song to sing – you should be able to locate songs quickly. Do you ever…

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vocal training online

For many people the art of learning how to sing well is one of the most difficult things in the musical arena. Some people are able to pick up singing rather quickly, but others who don’t have a real understanding of how to use their voice in a singing capacity and how to breathe properly,…

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accompaniment music

One of the things that really impresses people about a singer is an ability to hit high notes. In fact, singles like Mariah Carey were able to rise to fame because of their vocal register. A well-sung high note can really get a lot of attention. You Can Sing High Notes Too! Go Here >>…

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Singing Tips

Learn how to breathe when you sing. A very simple statement, yet many beginner vocalists don’t know this “trick”. Here are some tips for vocal breathing techniques to help you sing better, and with more force. Learn How to Sing High Notes – Go Here .. Breathing Techniques for Singers Have Been Around as Long…

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How to sing a song

Do you love to sing? Do you sing in the shower – or on stage? This video gives you the top 5 easy songs to sing so you can croon to your heart’s content. They range from “Blue” to “I Wanna Hmm..”  and I know you’re going to use these tunes over and over again….

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Vocal Coaches

Have you every wished you had more power when you sing? All of us have at one time or another. The good news is, your problem is solved in this training for singers. Watch the video below and learn how to increase your vocal power with Brett Manning, instructor to the stars! Learn to Sing…

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Do you want to learn how to sing like a pro? Are you taking vocal training online or through traditional music lessons but seem to have trouble staying in tune?

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Perhaps you start out singing a song just fine, but then go off tune at certain parts (especially during higher or lower parts).

This is a common problem with beginning musicians and vocalists of all types, but don’t worry.

Learn How to Sing High Notes with the Right Vocal Training Online Methods

There are steps you can take with some simple vocal training methods which can help you to learn how to sing higher and better. With this training your voice should come through without straining throughout every part of the song.

Vocal Training Tips All in One Place

vocal training online


Since I had several sites for singers I wanted to incorporate all in one place – easier to update so more great singing lessons for you!

If you are interested in becoming a vocalist, the other section I have included is entitled “How to Sing“. I believe you will really learn a lot from these tips.

Get your free singing tips here. Keep studying this singing training and improve your singing voice with the best of them!

Learn How to Sing with Vocal Training Online – Take Action!

I hope you will visit vocal training online often and make this your website for beginner singing tips and other helpful information. These singing lessons should get you started as a real, honest to goodness singer.

But, nothing works unless you do. Get on board and take this vocal training online seriously. Remember to have fun as you learn too! Yes, you can learn how to sing better and this website will help you do it. See you again real soon! – Bob

Little Secret to Breathing to Help You Sing Better If you’re just learning to sing or trying to improve your singing voice, breathing exercises for singing are an absolute must! Why do you need to do breathing exercises? We naturally tend to take short, shallow breaths throughout the day. We inhale and exhale rather quickly,…

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how to increase singing volume

Singing Made Easy With Online Lessons Have an Awesome Singing Expreience! You may experience difficulty in finding a voice teacher close to where you reside or may not want to pay exorbitant charges, in which case opting for singing lessons online can be a cheap and convenient alternative to achieving that amazing vocalist hiding inside…

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Lessons and Goals for Beginner Singers Learning how to sing the right way, for lack of a better word, is a continuous process. But, for people just starting out it can be really confusing to know how and where to begin. That’s why singing lessons for beginners is so important. So, thought I’d talk a…

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Improve Singing Voice

Whether You Sing in the Shower or are Planning for a Major Audition Improve Your Singing Voice for Better Vocals Taking the time to learn better vocal methods can be beneficial no matte what your reasons. These tips meant to improve singing voice are sure to give you a happy starting point. There are many…

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How to Sing: Singing Tips for Kids If you are the parent of a child who loves to sing these tips are for you. They are basic to understand and you can definitely do them with a little effort. So, take some time to write down some notes and learn more about how to get…

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 Quick Singing Tips and How to Get Better with Air If you are sorta brand-new to singing you are going to enjoy these voice lessons. They are really quite simple to understand and you can definitely do them with a little practice. Take time to jot down a few notes and be prepared to practice…

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