PitchPerfecter Review

Question: Can The PitchPerfector Singing Course Keep You In Tune? If You Want To Sing On Key – Read My PitchPerfector Review..

Okay, you may or may not already be a singer. But, you struggle a bit keeping your voice in tune when you sing. The PitchPerfector review could offer the problem solver you’ve been searching for.

I’ve found, no matter if you sing country, gospel, rock or even in the church choir, singing on pitch can be a problem for many of us.

Does this sound like you? Keep reading..

If you feel you need a singing program to keep your voice in tune, this might be one to consider. But, to decide if this vocal training course is right for you, read my PitchPerfector reviews from start to finish.

Do You Struggle To Stay In Tune When You Sing? This Review of PitchPerfector Singing Course Will Brighten Your Day!

About the On Pitch Training System..

In a quick sentence, PitchPerfector is a voice training software package, used in your computer to monitor vocal performance.

The inventor of the program, Stephen Pierce claims his program uses bio-feedback to teach students how to sing on pitch.

And, the system is designed to help you find your pitch problem areas on day one (they say).

In fact, they say the singing program helps you to get on track sometimes within just a few minutes.

So far, the software system for singers has managed to live up to its potential and has exceeded the expectations of many new and experienced vocalists.

But, does Pitchperfector really work to put you in tune? Let’s take a closer look at this singing course.

Program Features

Vocal pitch is the focus of the program. PitchPerfector is loaded with interface utilities along with match patterns. And, it provides some other features to help you sing better – and, on key.

It helps you to point out the problems you have in your pitching and shows you exactly how to get rid of them.

The program comes with:

  • a step-by-step visual presentation about how it works and how you can use it to improve your singing voice.
  • Pitch Matching using 128 instruments. This lets you listen and match your voice tuning with different musical instruments.
  • 14 training patterns let you work through major and minor keys so you can get a feel for singing on pitch (this section may be more geared toward intermediate and experienced singers.)

When you order, you’ll find upgrades to get to higher level singing skills. See more course details here..


  • Detects your vocal pitch problems precisely within a very short period of time.
  • Provides singing lessons so you can take your pitch to the next level – in case your skill is already at a moderate level.
  • Suggests helpful solutions for the off-pitch moments, helping you to boost up your vocal confidence while training.
  • Has no possibility of ‘over usage‘. This means, the more you use the system the better results you will get. Some vocal training online programs actually damage the voice with continuous use (Still, remember to warm up before doing any singing exercises)
  • Computer monitor let’s you see the rising and falling of pitch in your voice. This helps greatly in matching the exact scale.

PitchPerfector Reviews – Pros & Cons..


  • As mentioned earlier, you can observe your vocal performance on screen. You can see the right scale for each note and the level of your pitch. It cannot get easier than this. You will have to lower or raise your pitch to match the right one – one of the more difficult tasks.
  • The result is almost instantaneous. Unlike many other vocal training programs that take days or sometimes weeks to improve your singing capacity, Pitch Perfector works very quickly.
  • Boosts your confidence by giving a tone that is unique to you.


  • Unless the users already have some experience with notes and pitches, they could face some difficulties with the program training. It may take a longer period of time than advertised to match the right pitch.
  • You need a microphone. But, if you don’t want to buy a new one, you can use the built-in mic on your Mac or PC.
  • The program can be a bit pricey if you pay full price. When I wrote this the PitchPerfector team was offering a pretty good discount. You can check the price for today here..

Who Is PitchPerfector For?

Well, I believe the name pretty much sums it up. The PitchPerfector singing system works great for:

  • Beginner singers who want to learn to sing on pitch
  • Intermediate or experienced vocalists who need to improve their on-key singing skills
  • People wanting to build a unique “signature” profile” to distinguish themselves from the crowd
  • And finally, even “casual singers” can benefit because they many times learn they really can sing – just didn’t know it!

Personally, I wish I could have had access to PitchPerfector when I first began singing (shows my age).

But, I didn’t. So, I’m inviting you to discover that on-key singer inside of you today. Be sure and check all the details at their official site before your music education goes any further.

What About the Guarantee?

This is the cool part! PitchPerfector comes with an unconditional guarantee. This means, you can use the system for a full 60 days to see if it works for you. If not, these guys give you a full refund!

So, the pressure is all on them. There is absolutely no risk to try out PitchPerfector for yourself. Personally, I don’t believe you’ll need the guarantee – but it’s there for your peace of mind.

PitchPerfector Review – My Final Words..

How do I personally feel about PitchPerfector? I’m impressed with what this program does for those having pitch issues! You and I both know there is nothing worse than singing a song flat.

How to sing on pitch

Its so great to finally be able to see whats wrong as I have been struggling to find a way to improve my pitch. I love using it. – Rebekah Griffiths

Unless, of course, we sing it sharp. Either way, correction for both these conditions.

It’s really not your fault that you miss notes if you learned to sing that way. But, you can most definitely do something about it.

In my humble opinion, PitchPerfector is the best-value for tuning up your voice you’re going to find.

It’s packed-full of music information, and it’s nowhere near the price most music instructors charge for a couple of lessons.

So, buying this on pitch vocal training is basically a no-brainerif you’re really serious about improving your vocals.

Now, if you are here to purchase PitchPerfector, you might want to visit the official website to get your on pitch training started right away.

Don’t wait another minute! Get started singing on key today..

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