Taking beginner piano lessons is a given for many families and children nowadays. After all these years learning to play keyboard is still the norm.That’s why I’m posting this incredible music course, How to Play Piano by Norman Monath so you can have some hope.


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Learning to play an instrument can be a daunting prospect. Perhaps you had piano tuition when you were a child and gave up? Help is at hand with a number of books containing beginner piano lessons. Adults and children can have a lot of fun, learning the instrument from easy to follow guides.

How to Play Piano by Norman Monath – Can You Learn to Play Keyboard?

How to Play Popular Piano in 10 Easy Lessons by Norman Monath is a fine example of a user-friendly book. Step by step instruction takes the novice through the basic chords and scales and explains the concept of harmony and melody.

Soon, the budding pianist will be able to play simple tunes and there is information on how to play in a specific style.

Keyboard diagrams make everything understandable. There’s also a section on improvisation. The instruction is suitable for playing by ear or from following sheet music.

How to Play the Piano Despite Years of Lessons:

What Music Is and How to Make It at Home is written by Ward Cannel. The author understands that some people have struggled with beginner piano lessons in the past and he sets out to demystify music.

The book’s ten sections chart the pupil’s progression with notations and keyboard diagrams. Scale exercises are avoided, to the delight of all those people still having nightmares about doing their scales as a child!

Those Dumb Beginner Piano Lessons

How to play piano Norman MonathThe Dummies series of books is very popular and Piano for Dummies, written by Blake Neely, is a welcome addition to the series.

It’s an ideal format for teaching the fundamentals of music theory and it doesn’t require the novice to read music.

There is a play along CD to accompany the book with favorites from childhood, blues and classical tunes.

Chapters also include advice on buying a piano, maintaining a piano, a history of piano styles, and a Top 10 List of Pianists. This book is also suitable for anyone who has played piano in the past but needs a refresher course.

It’s Never Too Late to Play Piano by Pam Wedgwood is a tutor book with a CD. The book explains playing technique and music theory, a history of piano music, fact files, technical information and a recommended listening list.

Pupils learn how to play familiar classics, pop songs, show tunes and the author’s own jazz tinged compositions. The CD contains more than 90 backing tracks and there are interactive activities. This beginner piano lesson book has been revised and updated.

It shouldn’t be a chore for anyone to learn piano and children can be encouraged by making lessons fun. Lisa Child’s Piano 1 is the first in a series of four books, designed to be used on its own or with the help of a teacher.

The book is respected by piano teachers and the series is often used in schools. Usborne is a popular publisher of children’s material and the First Book of the Piano, by Eileen O’Brien is in a fun cartoon presentation, suitable for any age. The book comes with a CD.

Ready to Learn How to Play Piano Quickly?

There are lots of options for learning piano or keyboard so I’ll stop here. The How to Play Piano by Norman Monath is my choice for the money. If you are ready to tickle the ivories in a hurry, I’d suggest marching over to Amazon and getting this book. Click this to get your copy and start playing..

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