Should You Participate in Singing Competitions?

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If you’re considering a singing career, you might be wondering if singing competitions are really worth it.

After all, isn’t being judged for your talent the key to knowing if you’re “good enough” or not for a full-time singing career?

Fortunately, the answer is “no.”

Are singing competitions worth it?

Your singing talent doesn’t hinge on a singing competition any more than it hinges on your sibling’s singing abilities.

Local and nationwide music contests abound but will singing competitions really help with your career? Here are a few thoughts..

Singing Competitions & Contests Require Hard Work

A single singing contest might reward you temporarily – if you get picked as one of the best. But, nothing will help boost your chances at a singing career better than old-fashioned hard work.

Some get the idea that singing is just about “singing.”

But it is far more than that. It’s learning to market yourself and your voice to an audience. It’s finding your unique singing talent that no one else has and then finding the audience that wants to listen.

This hard work includes contacting numerous singing venues to set up interviews or to send them sample songs.

It includes much practice as well as time spent researching how others have landed huge singing careers in the past. It might include singing at local events, parties, ceremonies, or at church to build confidence in performance.

Singing Competitions can be Helpful in Some Ways

Singing competitions should not be ruled out altogether. When you participate in a singing competition, you are actually getting practice singing under pressure.

You are in front of a crowd, being judged, and trying to prove that you’re serious about singing all at once. Boy…. if that’s not pressure!

So if you’re thinking of entering a singing contest, it’s good to enroll with a mindset that this is an important stepping stone on the trail to a singing career. But, it’s probably not going to be the big breakthrough as many new singers think.

The big breakthrough will be when you are signing record deals and making it to the top 100 or even top 10 hits. This is when you can say you’ve had a “breakthrough!”

Keep in mind that not a single judge or panel of judges can possibly decide if your singing talent is marketable.

If you really can sing your own style with confidence, and on key – then you only need to find the record label company or producer and the audience that is willing to listen.

Benefits of Singing and Talent Contests

Singing competitions have their place and you can certainly learn a lot about your own singing capabilities by entering contests, but don’t depend on them as your lifeline. Market your talents aggressively until you realize your singing career dreams! Ready to prepare your voice? Click here ..

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