singing with a sore throatVocal health is something many amateur (and some professional) singers don’t think about often. This set of singing tips is about how to protect your vocal chords when singing with a sore throat so pay close attention.

Your throat is dry and itches.

It is irritated but you just have to make that appointment you made for the local or junior singing competition.

Your audition is coming up so you have to go, don’t you?

Well, not so fast. Here are some tips to help protect your vocal chords which will mean everything in your future as a singer.

There are many hazards for your voice which can be caused by singing with a sore throat. It is never a good idea to try to sing your best when your throat is at a weak point.

Think of what is housed in your throat. That’s right, your vocal chords. They are also known as your “voice box.”

As a singer, the one part of your body you don’t want to “break” is your voice box.

This is your “musical instrument” of choice, so to speak. So when you feel that dry irritation in your throat, put off the karaoke contest for a while.

Are You Afraid of Singing with a Sore Throat? – You Should Be!

An Ounce of Prevention …

All of the famous singers, the people you and I love to listen to, are aware of how important it is to protect their voices.

The way to do this is to do your best not to get sick in the first place. I know, you can’t always avoid it but taking care of your vocal chords sure doesn’t hurt either!

But, when you do get a sore throat you have to fight it and be gentle to your singing voice.

If you can prevent your throat from becoming sore, you don’t have to deal with the annoyances caused by having to overcome it.

How to Prevent a Sore Throat

One of the best ways to prevent a sore throat is to drink a lot of water.

This helps to keep the throat well lubricated, preventing irritation when the vocal cords vibrate together.

Repairing Your Singing Voice

When the unfortunate happens and damage to your vocal chords is done by singing with a sore throat, there are a few things that can be done to help repair the damage.

You should never have to suffer through pain and irritation after a performance.

But if you do, try drinking herbal tea to help coat the lining of your throat, softening the tissue around the vocal chords.

Also, there are voice exercises and breathing techniques that can be done to help soothe and strengthen the voice box.

If Your Voice is Straining, Ease Off

Whatever you do, don’t strain to hit high notes in order to give a better performance. It isn’t necessary to damage your vocal chords on your way to being a better quality singer.

After all, you’ve worked hard and practiced with a passion in your quest to finding your voice so why undo all that work?

tips for singing with a sore throatAnd keep in mind that preventing a sore throat is always better than singing with one!

So whether you have an important contest, an on stage performance or local audition to go to, if your throat is dry and sore, put if off if possible so that you don’t have to sing with a sore throat! In the meantime, do everything you can to learn how to sing better. Vocal health and proper techniques are always good choices.

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