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Singing Stage Fright PictureGet Rid of Performance Anxiety when Singing

First of all, just because you are experiencing the dreaded singing stage fright, you are NOT abnormal in any way.

As a matter of fact, many experienced performers get stage fright – from common jitters to full swing anxiety attacks!

Barbra Streisand is a good example. She had a real fear of performing on stage even after she was a superstar vocalist and movie actress. So, you are not alone!

I’m listing a few suggestions and tips for how to get over stage fright when singing  – before, during, and after your vocal performance. So, read on …

Before You Sing

1. Warming Up for Confidence

First, just as I’ve mentioned as tips for other vocal training online , do your vocal warm up exercises.

It’s difficult to sing with any real confidence if you know your vocal cords are going to crack with the high notes.

Drink plenty of water or other light liquids and then go through your musical scale until your throat is relaxed and balanced.

2. Relaxation

Do some stretching to ease muscle tension and relax your body.

You wouldn’t believe how much this affects your singing voice.

Try revolving your head slowly, shrugging your shoulders, side bends, and toe-touches – the normal exercises for stretch.

While doing this, imagine a time when you had a lot of fun singing – it might have been at parties, in the shower, etc. No matter, concentrate on how you felt at that time.

3. Food and Drink

Avoid caffeine or other stimulant producing drinks.

It might appear that they perk you up, but in actuality these foods and drinks will only serve to make you more nervous.

This is one of the few physical stage fright tips you can use instantly.

If you feel sluggish before a singing engagement, eat some foods with carbohydrates or do some aerobic type exercising to get your blood pumping – your voice will follow.

4. Get Support

If you are performing with a group, meet with them before the act begins.

Your fellow musicians can offer you support or maybe give you a laugh to help you forget your fear of singing on stage.

5. Make Fun of Yourself

Stand in front of a mirror and make the dumbest looking face you possibly can.

You’ll realize that, no matter what you do on the platform, you couldn’t look any worse than that!

Have a good  laugh at yourself, and don’t give a rip about looking silly.

6. Mental Trick

Just when it is time to go on stage, mentally get rid of your anxiety – put it into a box and leave it in the dressing room.

Start your singing performance without that emotional baggage, and just have fun!!

While Singing On Stage

1. Look the Part

As soon as you are on the stage, acknowledge the fact that you might get anxious again and just go with it.

Nerves will begin to decrease once you start singing and enjoying yourself.

Get in control by standing tall and avoiding the nervous look. You do this because body language affects your level of confidence.

2. Divide and Conquer

Another way to overcome stage fright is to look at the audience as just one person rather than a hundred face mob.

If you sing to your audience, act like you’re making contact with a single person.

Divide the audience into about six sections and take turns looking at a section for ten or fifteen seconds each.

It creates an intimate atmosphere for your listeners, and lowers your perception of the size of your audience.

3. Look at ‘Em

Use eye contact to fight off singing stage fright. When singing, choose a few friendly faces and look at them while you sing. If you’d rather not make direct contact, focus on the back of the room, just above their heads.

4. Cover Up

If you make a mistake in words or music, handle it like a pro and just keep going.

I’ve always made it my promise to never stop in the middle of a song.

I’ll either find a way to correct the mistake or consider inventing my own ending – leaving the crowd completely unaware of any error.

Even the very best performers can trip over a guitar cord, miss a vocal note, or even forget the words to the tune. What sets them apart is how they handle it.

5. Your Audience is Your Friend

Remember, these people came especially to listen you you and they absolutely want to see you do well during the show.

They are pulling for you – not laughing at you. Relax and have some fun, and they will reward you with applause.

After the Vocal Performance

1. Store Today’s Singing Show

After the show (especially if it goes well), you will most likely feel exhilarated and more than a bit relieved it’s over. You might not want it to end.

Get focused on this feeling of elation and keep it in mind the next time you feel anxiety about walking onto the stage.

2. Remember

Go back and remember the feelings you had when you were suffering with a fear before the performance.

Was it really necessary to worry? Next show time, try to channel it into something more positive, like singing warm-up and enjoying performing before a receptive audience.

Final Thought

Unfortunately, as a vocalist you can get a case of performance anxiety at any time, even if you have sung many times before.

Don’t let this small but powerful feeling stop you from singing your best. With these stage fright tips in your archives, you can shrug off the nerves and sing to your heart’s content!

Singer’s Action Step

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About the stage fright remedy video.

Today I’m going to talk about “How to Combat Stage Fright”. We all suffer from this, so please don’t feel that you’re all alone but in the video are some tips that I hope will help.

3 Areas to Work on to Combat Stage Fright:

1. Preparation
-Practice, Practice, Practice!
-Invest – develop vocal technique
-“Perform” it before the performance

2. Pre-performance
-Pre-performance techniques
-Amy Cuddy’s “Power Pose”

3. During the performance
-Get grounded & hear the music in your head

I hope those tips helped with your singing stage fright problem and good luck for your next performance!


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