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Are you stuck in your old voice box? When you learn to sing out of the box you’ll discover a whole new vocal style ready to be used. This lesson about singing styles focuses on developing a vocal style of your own.

It’s time to break out and sing like nobody else!

Have you always had a passion for singing deep within your heart and soul? Does a  lack of motivation and a sense of failure keep holding you back?

Want To Develop Your Own Singing Styles? Get Out Of The Box!

Do you feel as if your vocal talent is wasting away, and you want desperately to get a fresh new start at this special talent you have, but cynicism and lack of creativity keep you frustrated?

You Might Be Living in an Old Voice Box!

Did you know these are all signs of living “in the box” and in order to create a new you, you must face reality and get yourself “out of the box.”

So, there is no better time than the present to recharge your battery and become the singer you always wanted to be.

Don’t worry about letting your hair grow long or shaving your head and keeping up with all the latest trends, just be true to yourself.

5 Ways To Get Out Of Your Box and Learn New Singing Styles

Since you have a passion for singing, here are some suggestions for “thinking outside the box” and reinventing yourself.

The suggestions below will guide you on devoting your time, energy and effort into doing what you love.

1. Write Your Own Music

how to develop singing styleDon’t limit yourself to other people’s songs. Let your creative side come out and write at least one of your own songs to sing.

Make your own arrangement of a popular song heard regularly on the radio.

If you don’t feel comfortable writing, I’ve written a review of a cool course called Superior Songwriting to teach you how. You can read it here ..

2. Sing A Song Totally Not You

Get out of your comfort zone and learn a country song if your favorite type of music is rock n roll.

3. You Have The Right To Sing Wherever You Want With Any Singing Style You Want

If you want to sing every day, give yourself permission.

Sing while driving down the highway or go in the bathroom, shut the door, stand in front of the mirror and sing, sing, sing. By the way, in case your bathroom area needs water repair services, look for for rancho bernardo plumbers.

4. Don’t Be Afraid of What Others Think – This Is NOT American Idol!

Get past that fear of being heard by others by admitting how much you want to sing.

Ask a group of friends to let you perform in front of them and get their reactions.

5. Age and Appearance Has Virtually No Effect On Your Style Of Singing

Don’t worry about your appearance and age. There are all shapes, sizes, young and old who are out there striving to get out of their box. Just be yourself!

Increase Your Vocal Range And Go For It!

Enjoy being out the box by soaring to even greater heights with your new singing style. Increase your vocal range and sing in more keys than you ever imagined.

Remember the saying,

“We don’t sing because we’re happy, we’re happy because we sing.”

Want to Learn More about Singing Styles?

styles of singingYou’ll find lots of info online about singing styles and using your voice in new ways.

But, if you are a beginner vocalist, you’ll want to take care of basics first.

There’s a unique program you can get which will take you in new directions with your singing talent. It’s called Singorama and I believe you’ll be amazed at how far you can go!

Find the details here and start your career off right. New singing styles and adventures await you so read the Singorama review here ..

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