singing in warm weather

What’s happening with the weather outside could affect how you sound when singing. These tips for singing in warm weather will change your perspective on this vocal challenge.

Your voice changes with heat or cold or humid conditions. These singing tips will help you to overcome some of these challenges.

Critical Tips for Singing in Warm Weather

There are a lot of things that singers need to know in order to protect their voices, including how to warm up the vocal chords, what to eat and drink, and how certain weather conditions can interfere with your singing.

The weather actually does have an impact on your voice.

Baby It’s Hot Outside! Singing & Humidity

Hot and humid conditions can dry out your mouth and throat making it difficult to sing.

Humidity can also cause shortness of breath making it near impossible to reach those high notes that you need. Warm weather also tends to come with pollen making allergies affect the nose and throat.

This will also make it harder to use your breathing techniques to sing. Sometimes singing and weather conditions do not mix well. Hydration, lots of rest, and good breathing should help with the heat and humidity.

Fortunately, there are some tips to make it easier on yourself during the warm weather conditions.

You should make sure that you are drinking even more water than usual to keep yourself well hydrated. The water should not be too warm and not too cold.

Sore or Scratchy Throat

If your throat is bothering you try some warm saltwater rinses, suck on hard candies, or try some honey.

Herbal teas are another great option to help with improving your voice. You should warm up your voice before practicing or a show so that you do not strain your vocal chords.

Avoid caffeinated beverages and dairy, these products tend to constrict your vocal chords making it even hard to keep in control of your breathing.

Breathe to Sing

Before a performance or audition practice slow breathing to help regulate it. This will help with your voice quality.

When you are singing and weather conditions are extremely hot and humid you may feel a panicky feeling.

Using slow breathing techniques can help to alleviate these feelings. You can sing karaoke as practice for using your techniques before going in front a big crowd for a performance.

Practicing scales can also be beneficial for working on your voice and breathing control.

Sleep Tight – Voice Right!

Tips for singing in warm weatherGet plenty of rest the night before singing, eat a light meal an hour or two before you will be performing, and have plenty of lukewarm water available.

Also keep hard candy and herbal teas on hand in case you need them.

When you use these tips and are prepared for warmer than normal temperatures your natural talent should shine through and help your voice. If you need more singing help, Singorama is now available. See the vocal course details here ..

It’s true! Singing in warm weather can work since you know what to do. Now, where did I put that sheet music?

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