How to Sing with Allergies

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Is Singing with Allergies Possible?

In this free singing lesson online you’ll learn the art of how to sing with allergies although it can be a challenge.

This is a common problem among singers, professional and amateur alike so read this before entering local competition or going to junior auditions.

Your performance might depend on it. Now that stuffy head won’t stop your music performance.

Allergies are a very common problem, especially in the spring when the pollen counts go up.

Anyone who likes to sing has probably noticed that it is really hard to do so when they are suffering from allergies.

Singing with allergies is very difficult since allergies tend to cause mucus to build up as well as causing throat muscles to swell.

This means that it is difficult to sing consistently.

However, it is possible to do something about this.

If Possible, Get Professional Help

First of all, you should see a doctor, possibly and ear, nose, and throat specialist to see what your options are in regard to medications that might help you without causing side effects that would harm your ability to sing while taking the medication.

Your physician or specialist might also have other ideas of things you can try to minimize your allergy symptoms so singing with allergies is still possible.

This way you won’t have to miss any important auditions, talent, or karaoke contests that you might have been planning to enter.

A good voice instructor might also be able to help you out by suggesting breathing techniques or other techniques for improving voice consistency.

Sometimes practicing these techniques will be enough for mild cases of allergies, along with taking good care of your throat and trying home remedies.

The Home Allergy Remedy

There are some home remedies to help with the allergy symptoms that you are suffering and make singing with allergies possible.

Many times herbal teas, steam baths, and drinking lots of fluids and taking vitamin C can help.

Give these a try and see if any of them are helpful for your symptoms.

Whatever you do, you want to be sure to take good care of your throat and not strain it.

Take advantage of the tips above and you will soon be singing the high notes of the scales with ease, regardless of whether or not it is allergy season.

Professional singers aren’t sidelined by allergies, so it is important to learn what you need about singing – to do what’s required in order to be able to sing during allergy season.

It might take some trial and error, but eventually you should be able to find a solution that works for you.

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I hope this segment and video tutorial about singing with allergies was helpful and wish you tons of success for your vocal career.

Singing with allergies

Singing with allergies

Now, don’t let those allergies stop you from performing your best. Go here to learn how to sing with allergies, put on your best smile and hit the stage.

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