vibrato and breathingWhen taking vocal training online or off, vibrato and breathing are key areas you’ll need to work on to achieve the sound you want.

Vibrato is the vibration of the voice (and vibrations of an instrument) when a note is held out for a few seconds.

Vibrato defines the singing voice, and every voice has vibrato, whether a lot or just a little.

Discover the Secret Vibrato and Breathing Tip to Let Your Voice Shine Through! Learn How to Breathe when You Sing Vibrato


How to Sing Vibrato? Breathe!

This is just one of the  lessons for singers  that focuses on how important breathing exercises are to achieve a great vibrato sound.

That is to say there is not just one single thing you can do to improve your voice but it’s a combination of several different tweaks and exercises.

Breathing comes into play in many of these areas.

The singing instructor explains how to do breathing stretches to help the breath come in easier.

The easier breathing comes in, then the easier it can be released.  Vibrato can come out naturally when relaxed with proper breathing.

Let’s Get Started with Breathing and Singing Vibrato in 3 Quick Steps

The first breathing stretch involves raising one hand in the air (extending as far up as possible).

  1. Hold the arm in place for 10 seconds and breathe multiple breaths in and out.
  2. Remain as relaxed as possible while breathing.
  3. Then switch to the other arm and repeat the breathing stretch exercise.

This helps to open up breathing more under the arms and in the chest area by releasing tension and pressure through stretching.

The vocal instructor covers more breathing stretches with elbows, legs, etc.

Though the stretches might feel uncomfortable at first, the important thing is to keep breathing throughout the stretch.

Breathing and Vibrato Singing Takes Practice

Voice is like any other goal you have. The lesson above only works if you do!

No matter if you are singing in a local church or you want to get on stage one day in a famous sense, these tips will help you to get where you want to be.

Take them seriously.

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Play it Again Sam

Watch the entire singing video (above) for great vibrato breathing lessons and tips – also check out other vocal training online to reach new heights with your singing voice!

It’s always a challenge to keep your voice in shape. The exercises shown here work nicely when practiced on a systematic routine.

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