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OK, OK, OK! I got a TON of requests for Dimash! (I think it was his fan club ha, ha).

However he deserves it!

I remember seeing this video a while back and being wowed by his technical skills.

So much so that I wanted to share him with you and do a Vocal Coach Reacts To Dimash.

Born in Kazakhstan Europe, Dimash has named Michael Jackson, Ermek Serkebaev, Celine Dion, Lara Fabian, and Luciano Pavarotti as his major musical influences. He has stated on numerous occasions that as a singer he aims to present Kazakhstan to the world.

(Much like I did with my student Gabriela Guncikova who hailed from the Czech Republic).

Dimash's mother mother Svetlana Aitbayeva is a soprano singer at the Aktobe Philharmonic Society. (probably where he learned some of those cool soprano high notes 🙂 Both of Dimash's parents have been awarded the title of Honored Music Artists by the government of Kazakhstan.

Dimash gained significant popularity in Kazakhstan and in post-Soviet countries in 2015, upon becoming the Grand Prix winner of Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk, Belarus, and rose to fame in China with his participation as a "wildcard competitor" in Hunan TV's Singer 2017.
(Chinese: ??2017).

Dimash also has earned a Major in voice from Kazakh National University of Arts and is now taking his Masters in Composition with the University.

In addition, Dimash plays several music instruments. Piano, Dombra, Drums, Guitar, Marimba and Cello.

Quite the musician.

With that said: Let's react to Dimash!

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