vocal coaches7 Questions You Should Ask a Vocal Coach about Singing Lessons

As a student aspiring to learn how to sing better, you might be seeking an instructor among the few vocal coaches available in your local area.

vocal coaches

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This might sound like an easy task until you begin checking around.

The difficult part is interviewing with each voice teacher and trying to decide which will be the best one for you.

Should You Seek Formal Lessons?

Each vocal instructor has his/her own personality, teaching style, methods, specialization’s, etc.

You might find a great teacher by searching for vocal coaches near me online and discover they only teach jazz and blues singing.

This wouldn’t work if you wish to sing country/western style music. So it’s important to check around and find out which teacher fits your criteria.

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Interview Process

Ask to meet the vocal training instructor in person for an interview before agreeing to take lessons.

You can write a list of essential questions to ask, which makes it easier to learn all about the teacher and their methods.

Here are a few questions to ask…

1. How long have you been a vocal coach?

Most vocal coaches that have many years of experience do charge more, but it’s almost always worth it to get the experience.

A drawback to learning from a brand new teacher is you might be one of their “experimental” students as the teacher learns how to instruct in a proper manner!

So saving money on each lesson might also mean having to train for a longer period of time to reach the singing level you wish to achieve.

This can cost much more in the long run!

2. Did you study music in school? What type degree and for how long?

While some voice teachers might have a degree in reading music for singing, you’ll likely run across one or two that’s self-taught – or maybe he or she is a professional singer.

Either can be a great teacher if he/she understands music and singing techniques well and is able to skillfully pass on the techniques to students.

3. Do you ever or have you ever performed live?

If the instructor sings locally, perhaps you can go hear him/her sing before deciding whether or not to take lessons.

This can be a real eye opener when trying to choose an instructor. How the teacher performs live will reveal a lot about their singing ability, style and personality.

4. Do you specialize in any certain voice style or music genre?

As mentioned before, some voice coaches specialize in specific styles of music and singing (i.e. rock, blues, country, opera, etc.), so you’ll want to ask this question before committing to the lessons.

Make sure the lessons will be profitable for you in the area of singing you wish to pursue for a career. If not, then move on to the next prospective singing coach.

5. Do you give lessons at the student’s home, your home or somewhere else?

If the instructor plans to come to your home or give lessons in their own home, make sure there will be no distractions (pets, small children, outside noises, etc.).

You’ll want to give full attention during your lessons. It’s best if the coach has a studio or school room, but many have to improvise with their schedules and yours… so this is not always possible.

6. What are your rates?

Ask about rates for voice lessons and when payment is expected. Payment options can vary with instructors.

Some require payment at each lesson whereas others might let you pay weekly or biweekly.

7. Can you provide references from current and/or previous students?

Ask if there are other students you can contact to ask about their learning experience. Any good singing teacher should have references available.

Find out if the students feel their lessons have helped them to reach their singing career goals.

Trying It Out

If you’re still not sure, some singing coaches might give a free trial lesson or two so you can try it out before committing.

This option is likely not available from those teachers that are popular and experienced, but new instructors might offer a trial to attract new students.

Even if you can’t find a vocal coaches directory with listings near your home, there are always online singing courses that you can take from home.


These come with e-books, audio and sometimes videos to help you learn to sing at your own pace.

Well Known Instructors Singing Success

If you have the means, there are many fine famous vocal coaches who offer private one on one lessons but these can get quite expensive.

However, if you can afford it you might find that your abilities will expand quickly.

One such teacher is Singing Success guru Brett Manning and I’m not sure if he still works with students privately, but he did at one time.

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