Why Bands Should Look and Act Professional

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In the music world, many people believe there is a certain amount of slack behavior. This is true to a point as musicians and other artists are most likely feelings oriented people. But, I want you to read this piece about why bands should look and act professional and see if your view changes.

Being in groups for over 20 years, I know where Dave is coming from.

Performance and Why Bands Should Look and Act Professional

Acting professional as a band, I view this as a very important topic. There are many bands that don’t dot their I’s or cross their T’s.

Bands and Groups and Songs

It is not that difficult to learn your part of the song on your instrument and perhaps your vocal part, but there are many other things to take into account for your live performances.

But, that’s not all there is to establishing yourself as a group who is working with booking agencies or direct with clients.

Music is a Business – Even If It’s Fun!

Remember, you’re being paid to do a job, and as fun as that job might be it is still in fact, a job. The venue owner or talent buyer is expecting you to come through with a quality performance. For more information about employment and jobs, visit mercenary jobs online for more details.

Nothing Worse Than a Late Drummer!

To start with, You want to arrive at the venue in plenty of time to set up and do your sound checks. Unless you really trust your sound man, you may want to have a long enough cord or a cordless system so you can stand out front and make sure all is well with the sound.

And remember that the sound is not the same when you’re in an empty building. Obviously there may need to be some adjustments when the place is full, but for the most part you should be in good shape.

Test, test, test your equipment and make sure everything is working correctly and tuned. Warm up your instruments and your voice if you’re singing today. You can find tutorials for singing warm ups online and you’ll be amazed at how they will help your voice.

A Professional Band is All About the Show!

For the performance itself, every group, whether you’re doing covers or original material, your sound and stage presence or lack there of is what makes you and your show unique.

The Music is in the List

Too much time, or dead air as it’s called between songs is definitely not good. For one thing, you tend to lose your audience’s attention and you want to keep your momentum.

You can avoid this by having a set list so you know what song is coming up next. You can also purchase equipment with memory. This will allow your instruments effects to be up and running at the start of each song so you can just sing or play.

One time saving suggestion is to have the last note of one song to be the first of the next song. Doing this allows you to run songs together in a medley.

In many cases a song will start with one instrument so if you play that instrument and you know the timing well enough you can start right in providing the rest of the band is prepared.

With that said, you should allow for some interaction time with the audience. Each musical group according to it’s personality will have it’s own style. Relax and go with the flow. Just remember people are there for the music and fun – not for a speech.

I hope you enjoyed these tips about how your band can be more professionial. Just remember the main points. Even though you’re in a group and having a great time playing and singing, this does not mean you can be sloppy.
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professional bandWhen your band looks and acts professional, you’ll develop a following of fans who know you’ll provide the music they want. After all, you’re there to make the crowd happy, aren’t you? Now, while you’re learning, go here to find more music & singing tips. Thanks and I’ll see you next time. – Bob Pardue

About the Author – Dave Wilson is a booking agent and musician of 30 years.

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